Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Father-in-Law

So if anyone wants to know what my husband will look like in twenty years, here you go. Just kidding! But seriously my father-in-law drove from Pueblo, Colorado to power wash my fence! (He also came to see his granddaughter graduate from high school) He's been working hard since his arrival. I love it when things get marked off my to-do-list.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

There Are Very Few Total Packages

Today on the way to Noah's field day, my radio was somehow on AM 1070. I have no idea who was talking or what station it was on. But there was a man talking about this topic. It was all about the NBA (I think he was trying to convince people that it is not rigged). He was talking about the Utah Jazz and how they have the best home record, but perform poorly on the road. He proceeded to talk about people in general and how there are few total packages.

This reminded me of a conversation I had with my husband the other day. I told him I want to be a great wife, a nice (all the time!) mom, a good friend, and to always eat healthy. I said if I could just do all of the above, I would be a happier person. So basically I want the total package. It is so hard to do all of these things individually, let alone together! I don't know if I this is something I will ever accomplish on this earth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Asthma Attack

Today we went to church for a staff pitch-in luncheon. As we were walking into the church, another mom and her child were walking in also. Her little boy was crying, so I offered to carry her large crock pot so she could pick up her son. So I go down the hall to the room we are eating in, and Devin and Dalton start running the other direction towards the children's wing. My husband decides to go find them while I drop off the meatballs and the pie I brought. So Steve returns and says the boys are not down there. So I go into super freak mommy mode. There are several unlocked doors that go outside (the preschool was in session), and they are no where to be found! I start sprinting outside around the church screaming. There are people practicing for a driving test in the parking lot who call the police. No one has seen them. I run to the lunch room and ask scream for help. So more of us start running towards the children's wing and they are walking out of one of the classrooms. (Devin has a ball he found in his hands, of course!)

So the children are found, and we go to the lunch. My appetite was still somewhere running around the church, my adrenaline was pumping, and I could hardly breathe! The boys eat like nothing happened (because to them, nothing happened!). Then we come home.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Do my kids know their mother or what? Megan and Noah both picked out dark chocolate for me! They are the best. I was so excited to see this first thing this morning! While getting ready for church, Dalton said "I like chocolate squares too!" I told him he would have to wait until after lunch for chocolate!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May is Crazy!!

So May is already flying by! Don't blink or it will be June. I am in the midst of wrapping up the MOPS year (tomorrow is our graduation brunch), trying to get ready for a garage sale (this Saturday), going to baseball games, and planning for a graduation open house. So I have been kind of really busy! Lots of things have gotten neglected, but we are still surviving somehow. Here are some recent pictures of the kids.
I cannot believe Megan is graduating. She is such a cute, smart, and funny girl! I am so proud of her.

Noah has been playing baseball for the first time this spring. We have fun watching him and are anxiously waiting his first hit!

Dalton has candy for breakfast a lot (not really). This particular morning he snuck downstairs and got suckers and Nerds out of the cabinet all by himself. Such a big boy!

Devin loves anything to do with a ball. I think if any of our children have athletic potential, it's him. That boy can hit, throw, or kick anything!!