Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer = Half Over!!

First I have to say that this summer is flying by.  June went way too fast.  July will go even faster I'm sure.  Then school starts August 2nd!  I cannot believe I will have a junior in high school (who just got his driver's license this week!) and two boys in junior high.  Also recently I just figured out that when my oldest is a freshman in college, I'll have two freshman in high school....3 freshman in one year.  SLOW DOWN TIME......

Here are some fun things we did this June.  Our middle son played in a weekend soccer tournament and they ended up in 2nd place.  We had a very rough soccer season with not a lot of wins, so it was nice to end the season with a few wins and a plaque for being in the final game.  We have about 6 weeks of no soccer, then we will be back at it!

The boys have been begging me to sign them up for a mini marathon, so I told them they had to start small.  We did a local 5K in our town a few weekends ago.  Let's just say these boys are fast.  This was all of us before the race.  Devin has a face of fear, although he has been going to cross-country conditioning at the junior high all summer.  They ended up finishing 2nd and 3rd place just behind the cross-country coach who is very fast.  I jogged slowly with a friend from work, and we all survived!

This guy's cross country conditioning definitely paid off because he beat his brother!  Which was his ultimate goal.  He really enjoys running, his brother not so much.  We have already signed up for his second 5K in August which is at Lucas Oil Stadium.  So we will keep on training.  His cross country team has a goal of running a total of 100 miles this summer, so he needs to get moving.  It definitely has kept me motivated to do the same!