Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

We have added another member to our beloved family. Meet Rufus, our new bearded dragon. He is Noah's new pet. So far everyone loves Rufus. It is very exciting every night when Rufus gets fed his nightly snack of live crickets. Rufus does not mess around when the crickets are tossed into his cage. Although the boys fight over whose turn it is to feed him, they enjoy seeing how quickly Rufus takes care of business. Bearded dragons have a life expectancy of 10 years, so Rufus may end up in a college frat house with Noah one day.

Here is the other new member of our family (I wish!). I got this giant, bigger than life poster of Tim Tebow from our local sporting goods store. The last time I was in there, I asked what they do with their window posters when they are done with them. The cashier said they usually end up in the trash. GASP! I could not let Tim Tebow end up in the trash! So I left them my name and number (thinking I would never hear back from them). Well, last week they called and said to come pick Tim (the poster, not the real Tim) up. So, now I have to decide where to hang this ginormous display.
If you have not read Tim Tebow's new book, I highly recommend it! You will not be disappointed. He is a great man with an even greater message. He would be an inspiration to any aspiring athlete you may know.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Grade Times Two!

Every time I take a picture like this, I can think of only one thing. Senior year slide show. This is the kind of picture that you put in the slide show at the high school graduation open house. This is the kind of picture you want to remember when your kids are driving you crazy. This is the kind of picture you want to remember when your kids are taller than you and giving you sass. They grow up so fast. Don't blink. Enjoy them while they're little. You're gonna miss this. The days go slow, but the years go fast. All those mantras you keep repeating to yourself when the days aren't all that great!
So for now, I will enjoy having 2 first graders, even if that means two homework packets a week, two family projects a month, and two extra books to read each night. Because the years do really go fast!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Ramblings by Denise

So I've been going through old pictures on my computer and trying to decide how to organize my photos. I once was a scrapbooker. Back when I had time to work on scrapbooking. Now I'm doing good to get the kids fed, homework done, and laundry put up. I found this adorable picture of two very little boys and had to share. They grow up fast!
I have also been working on MOMSnext. We are starting this awesome ministry at our church this fall. Sadly I graduated from MOPS last spring, but this is a whole new exciting world for me. September 28th is when the fun begins!
Several weeks I posted about Dalton breaking his leg. Last week he went to the doctor, got re-xrayed, and all his restrictions were lifted. He can now walk, run, bike, jump, fight with his brothers, and climb on the counter to reach the candy. All of which he did the first day.
Have you seen the website PINTEREST? Oh. My. Word. I don't even know how to describe it. It's like a digital magazine with the search option. Are you looking for a yellow front door? They have pictures. Want to plan a barn wedding? They have pictures. I love pinterest!!
And lastly I did a little dance in the dairy section at Aldi last evening! Why? Pumpkin spice creamer is back!! And you know what that means? Candy corn, pumpkins, apple pickin', mums, sweatshirts, and Fall!! LOVE IT!!