Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend we went to Great Wolf Lodge for a night. The boys absolutely love going there. It was so nice to get out of the house. The water park is so much fun, and there is something for everyone to do. We also got to go to IKEA on Saturday (I'll never do that again). It took us over an hour to make our way through the store! And one of the items I really wanted was out of stock. But I did get two very cool pieces for my laundry room.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some of the best words I've ever read

Below is an expert from an article in the MOPS magazine, MomSense. Amazing, powerful words that this mom needed!

When I do the right things-when I meet every need, wipe every tear (and bottom), check off every box in my to-do-list, laugh at the chaos and count every moment a blessing, I enter the Good Mom Club, I’m beauty and grace, joy and peace, poise & calm. I’m the Mom of the Year.

But when I do the wrong things- when I lose my temper, and my keys, turn on the TV just for some peace & quiet, cry instead of laugh, or desperately want them to leave me alone- I enter the Bad Mom Club. I’m ugly and tired and irrational, frantic and short-tempered. I’m the evil stepmother who is incapable of love. The worst there’s ever been.

In these moments I wonder what God was thinking when he made me a mom. Seriously, what was he thinking? Didn’t he know my days would be filled with one train wreck after another?

The answer is yes!

God knew every sleep-deprived thought I’d ever have, every burst of anger I’d ever display, every chink in my armor, every dark corner of my unloving heart. He knew I’d be selfish and irrational, forgetful and unorganized, inadequate and completely incapable.

And yet he still chose me.
And he still chose you.

God still chooses neurotic, insecure women to be moms because he knows that parenthood provides one of the best pictures he could give us of his unconditional love. He chose parenthood so that one day we could look into the eyes of our children, clearly see all their failures and shortcomings, and without hesitation, from the very depths of our soul, say, “I love you no matter what.”

Suanne Camfield
January/February 2009