Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yogurt Update

The kids picked the 4 winners and I now have all of their addresses. So the coupons are in the mail. The bloggy giveaway is so much fun. I can't wait until the next one.

Here are the winners:





Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fruit Roll Up Update

Here are the 4 winners of their very own box of custom fruit roll ups:

1. Julie D

2. Annabelle

3. Nor_Lou

4. Julie who said "love to win for my first graders"

I will be contacting the winners by e-mail, but I don't have a way to contact Julie. So if you are the Julie who said that, please leave a comment on my blog about how to reach you! Winners have 3 days to contact me, if not contacted, I will pick another winner. Thanks for participating in my giveaway!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yet Another Yogurt Giveaway!

*GiveAway over.....Winners announced tomorrow*

So lots of people are giving away yogurt coupons. Yoplait Kids yogurts really are good. And I have some coupons for you to try them out for free (up to $3.63 value). I will pick 4 winners. I will ask each of my children to pick a number from the comments I receive. One comment per person and I will only mail to a US address. These coupons are not redeemable in CA, ID, LA, NV, NJ, ND, & TN. So unless you live close to another state, those state residents may not want to enter. I'll close the contest Monday (4/28) at 5:00 p.m. (our dinner time). That's when we'll pick numbers.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fruit Roll Up Bloggy Giveaway!!

*Comments Closed* Winners announced tomorrow!

I totally love this week! I love looking at everyone's blogs. And I love signing up to win great prizes! I am giving away custom Fruit Roll-Ups!! There will be four winners. After winners are chosen at random, I will e-mail you the code, then you just order your design from the website. I'm going to order their Class of 2008 design for my daughter's open house. You will have until August 31st to place your order. Here are the rules:
Leave any comment on this post
One entry per person
Open to US residents only
This contest will end Friday night at midnight Indiana time
If you want to sign up for more giveaways (and trust me you do!!) go here. Good luck!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My spring pedicure

Once upon a time my sister use to make fun of my toes. She called them snausages (like the dog treats). She would chase me around the house singing the song from the commercial. "Snausauges. snort. snort. snausages" I know I made fun of my sister, but I can't remember anything specific right now. So years later, I don't think my toes look that bad. I got a very relaxing pedicure on Saturday (I almost fell asleep!). This was my awesome Christmas gift from Pat and Heather. I am so excited to be ready for my flip flops.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wallpaper Woes

We moved into our current house on Labor Day weekend 2005. The very next weekend we found out about 4 month old twin boys who needed a home immediately. So that weekend we welcomed Dalton into our family, and Devin joined us 3 days later. He was still recovering from a bad infection at Riley Hospital. I had big plans of remodeling which included lots of wallpaper stripping. After the boys came into our lives, our plans quickly shifted. Our new plans included finding cribs, clothes, bottles, etc. So almost 3 years later, my home still has lots of wallpaper. I stripped the most offensive wallpaper, but left 2 rooms that I could tolerate. I thought I could restart the project when the twins went to school. But last week, they decided the wallpaper had to go. They started removing it for me. So now I have this in my dining room.

I'm sure it will only get worse. They really like bringing little pieces of paper to me. They are such big helpers!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Shout Out To My Sister

This post is for my only (older) sister, Dawn. The other day she said I don't mention her enough in my blog. I told her if she actually started blogging, maybe I would talk about her more. This is my older sister who dreamed of becoming an English teacher and writer. I found these two crazy sisters Emily and The Nester at the last bloggy giveaway. They crack me up. I think my sister and I could be just as funny. So write on dear sister!! I'm waiting patiently....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We are back from Mexico. We had a great time. Our whole group stayed healthy and everyone got along great. A few people in our group were strangers to us, but are now our friends. It is great to bond with fellow Christians! Our trip took us to Piedras Negras, Mexico. We went with Crossroads Missions and spent the week building, worshipping, going on outreach, and having fun! If you've never been on a short term mission trip, I urge you to do everything possible to go on one! I have an even greater appreciation for the life I live. It is so easy compared to what I saw last week!

My husband helped dip ice cream when the line was extremely long.

This adorable little boy followed Noah around. My sweet Noah cried when he had to leave his new friend!

Megan had a blast face painting with the girls.

Noah and Brice had a fun time at the market place!