Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It is February and I am tired of cold, wet, cloudy days.  I am tired of muddy shoes.  I am really ready for Spring.  I always think that once March gets here, winter is over.  But living in Indiana most of my life, I know better.  And I know that I will be complaining about how hot is in August.  

The time will come when summer will ask what I did all winter....I don't think I quoted this exactly, but I love the gist of it.

In true Uncle Si fashion, my husband now has his own tea jug.  My husband loves to drink unsweet tea all day long.  He says he has been drinking tea long before he ever heard of Duck Dynasty.  So he is not just jumping on the Uncle Si bandwagon!

This is a bag of scrubs from work that don't fit me any longer.  Yippee!!  I ordered new scrubs in a smaller size this week.  So now I really have to keep the weight I have lost off.  I am down 18 pounds and still have 3 more Friday weigh-ins.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013


I got to go eat lunch with my two favorite second graders last week.  We got kicked off the peanut-free lunch table because I brought food in from a restaurant.  So we had to sit at a back table.  Moose invited a little girl to eat with us.  He told me the day before that she didn't believe that he was adopted.  So we had a little conversation about adoption with Molly, and now she knows that the twins are truly adopted.

He also told a lady he met at a birthday party that he was adopted.  This is something that we have talked about a lot.  So I am really not sure why he is telling people all of a sudden.  I think he likes to be different and share his differences with other people.  

Here is another letter we got Dalton this week.  This time it was for the whole family.  I just love his letters!  For a class project, he sent a Flat Stanley to his sister in Colorado.  I am sure his letter to her and Garret was awesome!

And I decided to show everyone the giant green pepper that I bought.  I love red and yellow peppers, but if they are not on sale, I don't buy them.  Walmart had green peppers for 68 cents, and they were giant.  I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

I lost one pound at my weigh-in on Friday.  Three more weeks and the contest is over!  I have lost a total of 18 pounds in 5 weeks, and I am really craving chocolate and ice cream. I took the boys to Culvers for lunch today, and they all got ice cream after they ate.  I kept wanting to get just one spoonful, but I resisted.  Hopefully it will pay off on Friday!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time Frames

Today.....I went to MOPS and got to hold babies.  I love working in the nursery on MOPS mornings.  It is so much fun to cuddle with all the little ones, and my youngest nephew is in there.  So he gets to hang out with his favorite aunt...lucky him!

Yesterday....I went to Kohls.  I got a 30% off coupon in the mail.  There is something about those 30% off coupons they send.  If I get a 10% or 20% off coupon, I throw them away.  But if I get a 30% off coupon, that gets me in their store.  I call Kohls the store where everything is always on sale.   Seriously, have I ever paid the sticker price for an item at Kohls?  Never.  So with their sales and my coupon, I usually do pretty well.  And to top it all off, they sent me a $10 off any purchase coupon e-mail that I was able to use with the 30% off.  So my receipt showed that I spent $63.95 and I saved $197.22!  I got a few things for me, a few things for the boys, and two large fiestaware cereal bowls.

Last week....I lost 3 pounds!  So my 4 week total weight loss is 16.8 pounds!  I am very excited that I went down a scrub size at work also.  I am still in the top 5 for total weight loss.  The final weigh-in is March can't get here soon enough.

Tomorrow...I plan to eat healthy and read.  That's all.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

My eleven year old son loves YouTube videos.  He is always trying to get me to watch funny, stupid videos with him.  Most of the time I do watch them with him, and sometimes I laugh out of courtesy.  But when he showed me the video of Sweet Brown talking about the apartment fire, I cracked up.  I bet we have watched that video a hundred times.  He has it memorized, and can even mimic her voice.  So I was very excited to find this Valentine just for him.

On Friday night we had some friends over to watch Skyfall.  My husband has recently become obsessed with James Bond movies.  While we were watching the movie, Noah and two older boys were outside playing with airsoft guns.  Noah ran into the house and told us the cops were coming!  My husband went outside, and there were 4 police cars on our street.  Apparently one of the boys yelled something like "don't kill me" and the neighbors called the police.  We don't know which neighbor it was.  But I do know the boys learned a lesson.

This was the best Valentine letter that I got this week.  Dalton has been making cards and letters for lots of people.  And I was the lucky recipient because I rock!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Fuzzy & Shamrock Shakes

I made the mistake of taking the twins with me to Walmart last week.  We hade to get Valentine's cards for them so they could start working on them.  My boys LOVE stuffed animals.  They have so many stuffed animals it's crazy.  I try to bag them (the animals, not the children) up on occasion thinking they will forget about them.  Then they find the bag and drag them all out.  One of their favorite things to do is take their bigger stuffed animals out to the trampoline and wrestle with them.  We have a penguin who is missing an eye and losing stuffing...their favorite wrestling buddy!

So when my boys found the giant stuffed animal box at Walmart, they begged and begged for Big Fuzzies (that is what they named them in the store).  These stuffed animals are priced at $39.95, so there was no way I was going to buy two.  There was a little girl from Dalton's class who walked up with a very sad face and threw her big fuzzy back in the bin.  The twins made me take pictures of the big fuzzy twins.  And they keep reminding me about how badly they want big fuzzies.  In reality, I know they would just become wrestling buddies on the trampoline.  So I am holding my ground and not buying them!

After the Walmart trip we stopped at McDonalds for some cheeseburgers and I saw this sign for Shamrock Shakes.  I wanted one so badly.  But I resisted.  29 more days until the Bigest Loser competition ends.  Maybe they will still have Shamrock Shakes.  If not, I will have to wait until next year to indulge myself!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon!

We spent our Saturday watching basketball games.  Then some friends took the twins to the Children's Museum in Indy, Noah had a birthday party, I had a small group meeting, and to end the evening, my husband and I got to go out to eat by ourselves.  The PTO at the twin's school had childcare for 3 hours last night.  So we dropped them off and Noah stayed at home by himself.  I think he enjoyed the totally quiet house!  And my husband and I got to enjoy a quiet dinner.

At my weigh-in on Friday, I didn't lose any weight this week.  Boo!  I am still done 14 pounds for 3 weeks, so I am not too worried about it.  I'm in 6th place (out of 24), and ironically people are telling me how skinny I look.  So I will take that over lower numbers any day.

I finished reading Seabiscuit last week and now I am watching the movie.  It's 2 hours 21 minutes long! So I watched some last night, watched some today, and hopefully will finish it before I have to return in to the library.  Great book and great movie (so far!)

I found this on Pinterest the other day and had to laugh.  I think most parents think this.  I guess I can handle anything because I think my kids are pretty darn cute :)

And lastly who is ready for February 27th?  I cannot wait for the new season of Duck Dynasty!  We have watched the old episodes over and over.  So we are really looking forward to the crazy antics of Uncle Si, Willie, and Jase.  Whenever we see an older long bearded man, Noah yells "Uncle Si!!"  If only we could see the real Si.

Now it's time for some IU basketball.  Go Hoosiers!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I was so happy I got to hold little twin babies on Sunday night.  They are so cute, and it kept me away from the chocolate/peanut butter fondue.  My son (who loves all candy) took one bite and said, "this tastes like a melted reese cup!"  He ended up licking his plate clean.  I resisted and ate a lot of veggies and fruit.  I took buffalo chicken dip made with fat-free cream cheese, so I did eat some of that.  So I woke up Monday morning feeling pretty good about my choices.

Today was the MOPS meeting at our church, and I got to hold more babies in the nursery.  The two and a half hours that I am there go really fast.  My nephew is one of the babies in the nursery, so he gets to hang out with Aunt D (his favorite aunt, of course).

This is a picture of my new favorite snack.  I scoop a spoonful of peanut butter (I just bought all natural peanut butter yesterday) onto a plate, add a squeeze of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  I microwave this for about 20 seconds, stir it up really well, then slice a banana on top.  I dip each slice into the peanut butter yumminess.  It is so good and I don't feal guilty eating it!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I cannot believe it is February already.  Although it is not my favorite month of the year, it does mean we are closer to Spring!  I cannot believe the year is 1/12th over.  I have high hopes of getting projects done before school gets out in May.  I really want to clean out my closet, and I really want to get photos organized.  We'll see how that goes the next 4 months. Here are my February currents...

{READING}  I just finished Seabiscuit and loved it!  Now I want to watch the movie.  I'm also finishing up One Thousand Gifts for book club which meets Tuesday night.

{Watching}  So sad Parenthood is over for the season, although they did finish up all of the story lines with happy endings!  I am loving The Biggest Loser right now.  I can get on my elliptical while this is on and time goes so fast.  I also really enjoy watching IU basketball games.  The Hoosiers are hot this season.

{Eating}  Not so much.  I have lost 14 pounds in my two weeks at my work's biggest loser competition.  I am in 3rd place so far. Six more weeks of weighins and a champion will be crowned. Six hundred bucks is very very motivating!

{Cooking}  I am doing a little better in this area.  Although some nights are harder to cook than others due to practices.  My husband's mom came up for the weekend, and she made some delicious homemade polenta and gizzards.  My husband was in heaven!!

{Listening}  I love the song How Country Feels by Randy Houser. I also love the song Little Things by One Direction. Seriously. I think One Direction is awesome, and I don't even have little girls.

{Exciting}  We are going to a Super Bowl party tonight, and there will be twin babies there.  I plan to hold babies and eat lots of veggies tonight.  Hopefully that will keep me from eating tons of junk.

{Random}  I watched a very corny movie on Netflix, I Hate Valentine's Day, and keep watching parts of it over and over. Very corny, but very cute!!

Happy February!!