Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Halfway to 100!!

Here in the blog world, people celebrate their 100th post. Now I know why. It takes a long time to get to 100 (especially for me)! One day I will make it, but until then I will do my best and be consistently inconsistent. Here are some very random pictures of our life.

Megan has been making lots of cookies for her boyfriend. With Valentine's Day, his birthday , and their "anniversary" she's gone a little crazy. Here are her beautiful creations.

Here is what happens when Cookie Monster tries to go potty with a little help. Notice the water soaked floor!

The boys call this picture playing in the leaves. I call this picture "Where's Aunt Heather when I need her?" Aunt Heather organized our toy closet at Christmas, and we need her back!

There is a new song by Trace Adkins called "You're Gonna Miss This". I love it, and it makes me cry! You should definitely listen to it if you're having an "off" day with the kids.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Because I'll pretty much do anything for a prize!!

I found about this contest and had to participate!! I went to a very small private high school so there are no prom pictures (we didn't have prom!) So this is the best I could do.

First is a lovely picture of me in 1990. Notice the side pony tail and the lovely sunglasses. On my shoulder is a lovely Liz Claiborne purse!!

This next picture proves why none of the 8 guys in my senior class wanted to date me! I wore tight fruit leggings!! What was I thinking?!? Notice the black socks (my husband's friend swears they are ankle weights!) and the white canvas Keds!! I thought I was hot stuff!! I'm pretty sure the whole outfit came from the Limited!

My last picture was taken at my graduation. I was trying for the smoky eye look. And I would not allow my cap to lay flat on my head like we were instructed. I was such a rebel. But I had my preserve my hair. It was so beautiful! I had to tilt my head to keep my cap from falling off!!

That is the end! Thankfully! I hope you all have had a good laugh. Thankfully the fruit leggings are no longer!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why hasn't Charlie scored a point?

This Saturday was our 4th basketball game of our Upward league. We are halfway done! Noah has scored 2 baskets in 4 games. Better than last year! The team we played on Saturday has a little boy named Charlie. He is the shortest kid on his team. The whole 2nd half his team and our team desperately tried to get Charlie to score a basket. We were all cheering for Charlie! After several attempts, Charlie never scored, but not for lack of trying. When we got in the car, we started explaining the whole situation to Noah.

So the rest of the weekend Noah would get really quiet, then ask "why hasn't Charlie gotten any points?" or "I wonder if Charlie will score next week?" or "I sure hope Charlie scores before the season is over!" This is the kind of heart my six year old has. This is the kind of heart I want to have. Because more times than not I am the person who doesn't want the "Charlies" in my life to make a basket. I get jealous. I compare myself to others. I want to score the points and not watch someone else. I pray that my sweet son will always have a heart for others and I pray I can be more like him!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year

So we went to the chinese buffet for dinner tonight to celebrate the Chinese New Year (not really). I had no idea it was the Chinese New Year! Noah just wanted to go get some clams. He and his friend at school are very into sea creatures. Apparently that is all they talk about! So they try to one up each other with sea creature stories. Noah came to the table with a piece of spicy octopus on his plate. (Along with squid, crawfish, and shrimp) He did taste everything, but did not finish most of it. But now he has some cool stories to tell tomorrow at lunch.

My fortune from my cookie said "Something nice is coming to you in the mail". I can't wait! Maybe it will be something like this. I cannot wait to watch this DVD! I so remember Growing Pains! It will be so much fun!

On the way home from our road trip we passed a Joe's Crabshack. Noah's comment was "Oh man, I should have picked Joes! I could have gotten some crabs". But then he would have missed out on that spicy octopus!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random Thoughts

Here are few updates about our lives.

1. My nephew was born on January 30th. He was a very big boy! You can check him out here. My brother and sister-in-law are home now and adjusting to life with a baby!

2. The potties are back in the closet. After giving it the old college try, I decided it wasn't working! We will try again in a few weeks. I think I may try doing one boy at a time and see how that goes. It seems Moose always is the first to conquer any milestones, so he may get his potty privileges back soon.

3. I am fervently working on my Bible Study. I am doing a Kay Arthur Precept Upon Precept study of Philippians. This is a 15 lesson Bible Study with 5 nights of homework for each lesson! I have never done one of these studies before, so it is a little shock to my system, but in a good way.

4. My new job at the surgery center is going well. I have met some very nice people. We are still not open for business yet, but we are getting closer every day. March 3rd will be our first day for cases. We are all looking forward to that day!

5. I baked a loaf of homemade bread today. It is in the oven as I type. I have not baked a loaf of bread since my junior high science fair project. I made 15 loaves of bread for that project! I remember that weekend very well.

6. I have read 6 books in this year so far. I consider that a fairly good pace.

That is all the excitement I can muster up right now. Have a great Tuesday!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Brainy Baby DVD is #37 Jayedee! She has been contacted by e-mail. Now I can step away from the computer and actually do some housework! This contest is so much fun. I can't wait until the next one!