Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st Day of Autumn

Dear Summer,

I miss you already. Although we do enjoy your friend Autumn, it's Winter that I don't want to come. Winter means jeans and long sleeved shirts and twice as much laundry. It means snowy, muddy boots, winter coats, and gloves which always end up lost. It means snow days which have to be made-up at the end of the year. It means going days without seeing the sun. Although I love the midwest and change of seasons, it's always a little sad to see "1st day of Autumn" on the calendar. So for now we will enjoy the 90 degree days and remember how good you were to us!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We found an adorable baby possum in our backyard last week. We had high hopes of finding him a home, and the kids enjoyed playing with him for the evening. Sadly he didn't make it through the night!

My garage looks much better. We had a big garage sale on September 11th and got rid of lots of junk. I immediately took everything that was left to the Goodwill. So thankfully the attic is no longer bulging.

The boys are adjusting well to school. My oldest is at a new intermediate school and really loves it. The twins who are in separate Kindergarten classrooms are doing okay. Somedays are better than others, but overall they seem to enjoy tolerate going to school.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Garage

From the looks of my garage, people would think we are moving! Are we moving? No! In fact we just celebrated 5 years in our home this Labor Day! I cannot believe how different my life has become in five short years. I remember the weekend we moved in like it was yesterday. I remember stuffing the attic with boxes and boxes saying "I'll look through those later". Well later has come and gone and come back again. Last night my husband and a dear friend emptied out our entire attic! And this is what I have to do the next few days weeks years. Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let the craziness begin!

Wow! I cannot believe it is September. Gone are the lazy days of summer and hanging out at the pool. Gone are the days of sleeping in and staying up late. Instead we have homework, fundraisers, cub scouts, PTO meetings, and lots of other stuff to keep us way busy! Last weekend we are able to travel to Kentucky to visit with Steve's mom, brother, and sister-in-law. It was great to see them. We were able to get a group photo before heading to the KY state fair (everyone but me and Megan) and the mall (me and Megan)!