Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seven things on a Sunday!

Where have I been the last two weeks?  Well, now that the boys are home all day every day, I am way busy.  It seems like we are constantly going from one place to another.  They go back to school on July 31st, so we are trying to cram in as much as possible!!  Here are seven very random things that have happened the last two weeks.

1.  My oldest son took $160 with him to our public pool.  He put his wallet in his backpack in an unlocked locker.  When he went to get some money to buy a snack, his money was gone!  He called my husband (knowing I would freak out on him), and they told me after the fact.  Poor guy learned a lesson the hard way.

2.  I decided I was tired of taking care of my oldest son's bearded dragon, and he had zero interest in it.  So I listed it on Craigslist and sold it in less than a day!  No more cutting up broccoli and buying berries for the beardie.  Last summer I sold our gerbils, this summer the bearded dragon.  I told my kids they may get sold next summer!

3.  My youngest son got a clean bill of health from his surgeon.  He can now go back to normal activities and baseball.  Yahoo!

4.  I have decided I am going to pronounce July differently.  I am going to start saying
Jew ly instead of Ju ly.  A friend of mine from work says it that way and so does Luke Bryan in his song Drunk on You.  I'll see if it catches on!

5.  I am going to see Luke Bryan in concert on July (said Jew ly) 21st!  I am going to one concert this summer, and am very excited to see him perform live!

6.  It is our local 4H fair this week.  We went on Friday night and I found a 20 dollar bill on the ground.  I was pretty sure my son had lost it (see #1), but it turned out he kept track of his money that night.  So I came home with $20 after spending $80 on rides and food.  Fairs are expensive!!

7.  I have been making broccoli salad like crazy with fresh broccoli from our garden.  It is so good!!  I could so easily be a vegetarian if I didn't have four boys/men in my house who expect real food on a regular basis!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Time Flies!

We just finished our first full week of Summer break.  And we have stayed out of Riley Hospital for a full week...Hallelujah.  Riley Hospital is a wonderful place, but I do not want to return any time in the near future.  Devin came home from his five day stay, went to school the next day, then two days later we ended back up in the emergency room.  Three enemas later and an overnight stay, and he was back to normal.  Yesterday he woke up and said he is back to 100%, which makes this momma very happy!

A few weeks ago, my husband decided to give our backyard playset away.  The only thing our kids used it for was to jump off the top of the monkey bars onto the trampoline.  I was a little sad to see it go, but we get to visit it at our friend's house.  And over there, my boys are actually swinging (and fighting over the swings, of course)!

Here is Moose on his last day of school with his teacher he had for two years.  We loved her!!  He is going to be in total shock when he has a new teacher and different classmates.  Hopefully third grade will be good to him.

Devin took a lot of naps this week while he was recovering.  He hasn't slept this much in a long time!  Healing from surgery is tough work.

We have gotten spinach from our garden three times now.  It is so good!  It makes a great salad.  That's the only way I have eaten it so far.

And here are the chickens that we hope will be producing some fresh eggs in a few months.  I am excited about farm fresh eggs!

And lastly here is Noah on the first and last day of sixth grade.  I think he looked like a baby at the beginning of the year.  He has really changed and grown a lot.  He is a great kid, but still has his moments!  He is excited about basketball camps this summer.  I think he will end up participating in three of them.
And really for the last thing, I found this great article titled, What Every Mom Needs to Hear  (on the first day of summer) on one of my favorite blogs, We are THAT Family.  I am making this part of my required daily reading because summers can be long and rough, especially when I am outnumbered by boys!!