Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sweet Boy!

I've never been much of an animal person.  In fact I really enjoyed being a pet free family for close to seven months!  And then my husband took our three boys to Colorado for Spring Break.  They got to hang out with their sister, her cool husband, and their dog, Sadie.  Steve watched our two nine year olds love on Sadie for a week and decided they really needed a dog.  So I reluctantly gave in, and we ended up with Zac, the cutest yellow labrador retriever you've ever seen.

I've started calling him "Sweet Boy" because I truly believe one day he will be a sweet boy.  {Kind of like if you build it, they will come.  Only in this case, it's if you call him it, he will become it?!?!}  My thirteen year old thinks I'm crazy for this.  But I truly believe he is a sweet boy.  Even though he chews Xbox charging cords (every one that worked...he didn't chew the broken one!), my couch, shoes, Xbox games and cases, socks, and pretty much anything else my three boys don't bother to pick up.

He's four months old now, and I know we still have a lot of chewing left.  I'm just trying to remind everyone to pick up after themselves, so my Sweet Boy doesn't get in any more trouble!!