Thursday, October 31, 2013

Basketball and Halloween!

Basketball season has begun in our house.  I have one boy who made the 7th grade team (Hollar!), and two 3rd grade boys in the recreational league in our town.  I was so proud of Noah for making the team.  They kept twelve players ou of thirty-two that tried out.  So he was thrilled to make the cut.  Practice started this week for everyone, so of course we had to get new basketball shoes {$$$}.  The black shoes now have pink of the twin's request.  Games start this weekend.  So no more sleeping late for me!

I decided I had to include pictures from past Halloweens.  This picture is the from  2001.  Noah was seven months old.  We took him to Sears every 3 months for the first year to get pictures..yes we WERE those parents.  What a cutie!!

And this is the twin's first Halloween.  They were almost 6 months here.  I miss my little boys!    They were so adorable and innocent.  The years sure have flown by.

My son bought himself a new pair of shoes {Lebron James something..} this weekend.  He wore them to school one wet morning this week and wrapped his feet in Walmart bags.  He seriously rode the bus and walked into school like this.  He reminded me of the little older ladies with their rain hats!  He cracks me up somedays. #savethelebrons is what he posted on his Instagram account.

And finally our town is postponing trick-or-treating until tomorrow night.  It is raining here today...I got soaked loading my car after a trip to Walmart.  And we are supposed to have very heavy winds all evening.  So we will have to wait one more day for our candy fest!  My boys cannot wait!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


It is so cold right now.  I finally broke down and turned on the heat this week.  I will not let my husband bring our wood burning stove into the house until November 1st.  After that it's five months of tending the fire.  We have been burning a wood stove for a few years now.  It does save us money in the winter, but it is a lot of work and very very messy!

We are having a Flavors of Fall pitch-in at work next week, and a co-worker found this on sally's baking addiction.  I totally agree...this could be why my jeans are bit tight  :)!!  And having pitch-ins at work doesn't really help either!

Speaking of pumpkin, I had to try these pumpkin pie bars after spotting them at Kroger.  The Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif bar is already gone.  It was delicious!  I'll try the Larabar tomorrow and let you know which one is better.  I will have to stock up on these seasonal flavors because they won't last long!

Today I went to Starbucks and left with two drinks {accidentally}.  I took the guy standing next  to me's drink.  I could have sworn the barista mumbled what I ordered, but I was wrong!  So after taking a quick swig, I realized I picked up his drink.  So she had to make him another one, and graciously made me what I ordered.  I couldn't give the wrong one back because my lips had already touched it.  Luckily, the guy was very kind and no one yelled at me.  Just a lesson that I need to listen better and pay more attention!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's almost been a month....

 Well, I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I last blogged!  October is almost over.  It's just over two months until Christmas.  Boo Boo!  Gobble Gobble! Ho Ho!  Happy New Year!  It will be 2014 before I know it.  The year I turn the big Four O!!

We were lucky to have a two week fall break this month.  After nine weeks of school, it was great to have two weeks without homework, sports, getting up at the crack of dawn every morning, and going to bed early every night.  We did not take a family vacation this summer, and decided to wait for fall break.  We headed down south to Myrtle Beach for a week.

It was great to have warm weather, sandy beaches, not having to cook, and just hanging out.  We stayed at a high rise right on the beach.  It had indoor water slides, pools, and hot tubs which the kids loved.

I beg my boys to take pictures with me all the time.  Very rarely I will get one of them to take a picture.  Devin finally agreed to take a picture with me while eating a piece of peanut butter fudge right after Magiquest.  

This is the beautiful Indiana weather we came home to after six days of sun.  It was cold and rainy.  Not the view I wanted to see.  Oh well, it's supposed to get even colder this week. Even some snow! {in October!}  This girl is not ready for winter.  I think I could never see snow again in my whole life and be just fine with it.  We have had a few mild winters, so everyone says we are in for a cold one!  The willy worms are very dark this year, so I just better be prepared for cold!

In honor of the cold, I made my first pot of soup.  This is my favorite thing to have for lunch in the fall/winter.  I used lots of veggies that I froze from the garden this summer and used tomatoes that my husband canned!  It was very yummy and comforting on the cold days!

After a week of vacation and months of eating whatever I want, I climbed back on the elliptical.  I still exercised every night {except for the week of vacation}, I just was not eating healthy at all!  So when I tried on my jeans that fit in April, I knew I had to get back to healthy eating.  Momma does not want to have to buy new jeans after selling the ones that didn't fit on eBay.  Hopefully a few weeks of not eating everything in sight will solve this problem.

We went to our local apple orchard last week and picked lots of golden delicious apples.  They are so fresh and so good!  The perfect treat for healthy snacking.  I love dipping slices in a sauce I make with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon warmed up in the microwave.  Very yummy!