Monday, May 29, 2017

May is almost Over!

I cannot believe May is almost over.  Another Indy 500 is finished.  School is out for the summer.  Let the fun begin.  I have lived in Indiana for 37 of my 42 years of life and have been to zero Indy 500 races.  Growing up, this was never anything anyone in my family did. I've learned there are racing families and there are non-racing families.  I definitely am the non-racing family variety.  Fun fact, my sister married into a racing family (I did not), and my 16 year old son has been to several races with her son.  Maybe one year, I will go with them.  Just to say I've attended...I think one race would be enough for me!

I just wanted everyone to know (in case you don't follow my Instagram, which you totally should) that I did in fact finish the mini marathon with my best time ever.  2:39:17!!!  My average mile time was 12:08/mile which I was so excited about after training on the treadmill with a 12:00 mile pace.  The weather that morning was very looked like lots of rain would be happening.  However it ended up being a great day, and I ran most of the race with a rain jacket tied around my waist.  This year is the best I have felt before, during, and after.  I think my training and doing the Whole30 helped me.  I finished 36 days of Whole30 to get me to race day, then the next day we celebrated Mother's Day a week early where I ate a giant piece of cake at The Cake Bake Shop.  It was well worth it...not one single regret!!  I really believe eating Whole30 changes a lot of things for me including my attitude and how I feel in general.  So my plan is to stick to Whole30 for 99.9% of the time.  I did add sugar-free creamer to my diet (I know...chemicals and such, but it's so good!), and I plan to allow myself one treat on the weekend.  So far, so good!!

So what's next for me?  I want to continue jogging 3-4 miles twice a week.  The boys really want to do a 5K this summer, so I am planning on signing us up for one.  They also want to join the jr. high cross country team, so they will need to also jog/run each week.  I keep telling them they are not going to be lazy all summer!  Hopefully they will read some?!? (which can be very painful to enforce)  And does the amount of toilet paper consumed during the summer quadruple, or is that just at my house?!?  I'm thinking of ordering toilet paper on Amazon because I'm afraid we will run out.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Whole30 + Mini Marathon Training = One Crazy Month!!

So it's been another long stretch since I've posted on the blog!  I'm definitely more active on Instagram, and I've noticed lots of bloggers I loved to follow have fallen off the blogging wagon.  Maybe it's because of the ages of our kids that keep us busy, busy, busy!!  It's fun having things to do, but sometimes it's more fun having NOTHING to do (which rarely happens in my case!)

The Indy Mini Marathon is quickly approaching, and I've been putting on the miles at the gym on the treadmill.  One thing that definitely has helped this time is the mini iPad.  I've been catching up on lots of shows (The Middle, American Housewife, and The Goldbergs mostly) that I never have time to watch at home.  I've been going to the gym 2 days a week (my day off work, then Saturday or Sunday depending on sports schedules) and doing a short run (3-4 miles) during the week and a long run on the weekend.  The longest weekend run before the race will be 8 miles which is longer than last year's training regime.  So all in all I'm feeling pretty good about May 6th and am not dreading it yet!  I think I said last year I was going to keep running after the mini, but that did not happen.  In fact, I didn't start training this year until February....yikes!  Much later than I had planned originally, but at least I got started and was able to keep with it.  This will be my 5th Indy Mini, and I hope to beat my previous times....we shall see!   Here's my official running plan I made myself....

Now about the Whole30!!!  April 1st I started a new round of Whole30.  If you follow Melissa Hartwig at all on social media, you know she encouraged her followers to start a round of Whole30 on that date.  Looking at the calendar, the month included Easter (think Reese's Eggs) and my twin's birthday (think peanut butter icing), so I knew if I made the commitment, I'd be missing out on two of my favorite things to eat.  Now granted, after doing Whole30 several times, I try my hardest to eat that way 90% of the time.  But for some reason this year after the holidays, my eating went way down hill.  As I described it to my co-workers, "I fell off the wagon, then rolled down the hill!!"
This is a very bad thing if you want your clothes to fit...which is where I was.  My jeans were tight and I just felt bad most of the time.  So I made the commitment to doing Whole30 the month of April, and I survived Easter and the birthday without cheating.  And let's just say I'm so glad I did!  Here are the benefits that I have noticed after 26 days of this.....
1. my clothes fit again
2. I swear my body has Whole 30 memory
3. my back fat has gotten smaller
4. I feel better
5. I'm not as tired in the morning when I get up
6. my mini marathon training has felt great (I don't dread getting on the treadmill....HUGE!)
7. all around I think my mood/attitude is better (my family might protest this one)
So I'm so glad I decided to do this again.  Technically this round is over April 30th, but I think I'm going to go for a Whole36 so I don't mess myself up before the mini.  I'd hate to have issues in the middle of Speedway, Indiana with only port-a-pots.  What's the first thing I'm eating day 37, I'm not sure yet....but I'm leaning towards this!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Just Some Numbers

ZERO....the number of LuLuRoe items of clothing that I own.  All of a sudden, everyone on Facebook is posting about LuLuRoe leggings, tunics, dresses, tops, etc.... They all have names and fit differently and you have to have a LuLuRoe unboxing Facebook video... I just don't get it!  Maybe that's why I have no clothing items from them.

SEVEN....the number of times I cried while my twins and I watched A Dog's Purpose at the movie theatre yesterday.  In my defense I begged them to go see Beauty and the Beast with me,  but they turned me down.  I compromised by going to see a movie about a dog.  Boy was it emotional.  I guess I cannot handle dogs dying.

ELEVEN...the number of days until I have a 16 year old boy.  I am mostly excited for 16 because it means 90 days later he can get his drivers license.  This means less running him around and a little more freedom for him.  It also means insurance for a 16 year old boy which I am not excited about!

SEVEN HUNDRED....the number of hours I've watched NCAA men's basketball since the March Madness tournament began.  We did another family bracket, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to win this year. (again)

THIRTY SEVEN...the number of times I swept up dog hair this week.  There is something about spring and dogs, and it drives me crazy.  It's insane here.  I'm hoping it ends soon!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Few Weeks.....

We have been so busy!  It seems like everyone I talk to is busy.  Our kids and jobs definitely keep us very busy.  This time of year always seems to get busier with four exciting holidays right in a row (Boo Boo!!  Gobble Gobble!! Ho Ho!! Happy New Year!!)  It's also the start of basketball season, and with three boys in three different leagues, we are definitely going to get busier.

Last weekend we ended our middle son's travel soccer season (he's the only one that plays a dedicated fall sport).  We were at a tournament for the weekend, and sadly the games were not in our favor.  It was ok, but we were definitely bummed after not scoring a single goal two games in a row.  The coach quickly got the team together to say a fast goodbye (he had another son playing on a different field).  As he was walking away he said, "see you in a couple weeks".  And us moms who are trying to gather our kids, bags, chairs, water bottles, and soccer balls look at each other thinking "a couple weeks?!? What?!?"  The season is over....spring soccer is months away!   As the coach is walking away a mom yells, "what's in a couple weeks???"  He stopped, thought, and replied, "indoor conditioning starts right after January will seem like a couple of weeks to you all!"  This totally got me thinking that "YES! it will feel like a couple of weeks!!"

In a couple of weeks, Thanksgiving will be over, Christmas shopping will need to be finished, then it will be 2017!  

On that note, I wanted to include a couple of referral links.  If you don't have Swagbucks, Ebates, or Ibotta, I highly recommend you getting these apps.  They save me money (not tons of money, but money none the less!)  I am saving my Swagbucks for an Amazon gift card to buy Christmas gifts.  I just got a $30 check from Ebates in the mail!   And I have over $200 in my Ibotta Christmas fund!!  These are definitely wins for me and you too.




Happy Shopping to you!!  And see you in a couple of weeks, or maybe in January!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer is Over!

Am I the only one that feels like June and July lasted 5 minutes each?!?  It's crazy how fast the 2 months went.  The boys felt the same way!  We did not take an organized family vacation this summer.  We have plans to travel for fall break in October.  They did get to go to Kentucky twice for a long weekend, but other than that we stayed close to home.  I picked 2 pictures for each boy to describe their summer.
 Row 1.  We went to the public pool quit a bit this summer.  My 11 year old twins begged me to let them ride their bikes by themselves to the pool, but I didn't think they were ready for it. They did however convince my mom that I let them do this, and they got a free day of swimming while I was at work.  We watched lots of NBA playoffs in June.  I have a huge Steph Curry/Golden State Warriors fan, and he was very upset when the Cavaliers won the playoffs.  He found his brother's shirt, and we staged this picture to text him.  (No actual Cavalier/Lebron James shirt was harmed in the making of this picture)

Row 2. My middle son had a summer of soccer.  We played a few games then a weekend tournament in June.  It was the hottest weekend we had (so far), and we sat in the hot, humid weather.  His team ended up winning the championship game (by default...the team they were supposed to play didn't show up.  They did go undefeated, my son scored a goal (I may have knocked over my chair cheering for him), and it was a great end to their season.  After bringing home a recipe book from the library, I asked him to pick out a recipe to make. He picked homemade strawberry shortcakes, something I had never made before.  This was the shortcake dough which ended up tasting just ok.  Not a favorite dessert by any means.

Row 3.  My oldest son cleaned out his closet and sadly he threw out his rock and fossil collection.  It made me a little sad to see these in the trash pile.  He used to be into rocks, fossils, and sea creatures big time.  Lots of time collecting and researching and it's all over.  One weekend the twins were gone, I took him and a friend to an indoor rock climbing place (Climb Time Indy), and they had lots of fun.  This was how he felt after an hour at the place.  

And now that their summer is "officially" over, they are almost done with 2 weeks of school.  Only 7 more weeks until fall break (not that we're counting or anything)!!  I had to go to work their first day, so I was sent these pictures.  Not too bad!  We are going to kick some sixth grade and sophomore butt!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

May Photo Dump

I know it's already June, and I'm totally behind the times.  But it's my blog, and I'll do what I want to.  The first 2 pictures are my Mother's Day surprises from my kids.  Megan, Garret, and Harley had flowers delivered to me at work the Friday before; It was so nice to be surprised by beautiful flowers from my Colorado peeps.  The second picture is my new Yeti mug {which I LOVE!!}.  The camo thermos was what Steve wrapped up to give me first...he printed off the YETI words and taped it to the thermos.  Then told me he just saved us 40 bucks.....He's so funny.  Then he gave me the real YETI cup which I have taken to and from work every day since then.  It's awesome!

We celebrate Health Care Team Week at my work every year, and this year's theme was FIESTA!!  We had so much fun every day with different activities.  The OR was in charge of the salsa/guacamole contest that week.  You can tell by the picture what great participation we had.  And yours truly came in second with a tasty pineapple salsa I made.  Sadly there was no second place prize.

One evening I stopped at my sister's house to use her Cricut machine to make a big "D" to put on my YETI cup.  Since they are becoming more popular, I don't want anyone to accidentally drink out of my cup!  That would be bad!

And what's May without finishing up the school year with a wonderful fifth grade history project.  Both of my 5th graders needed to get a good grade on this project, so I put dad in charge of making Conestoga Wagons (with the boys help, or course!).  We made two of the exact same thing, then each boy had to have a presentation typed out to present to the class.  Both of their presentations were similar, with just a few personal tweaks.  It's funny that there was a 10% difference in their project grades!  Although their presentations might have been what caused that.  Who knows!?!   But the final Conestoga Wagons turned out great!  I told my husband he could sell the pattern to 4th grade parents for next year.

 May is race month in Indiana, and I've never been to the Indianapolis 500.  I've lived here 36 out of my 41 years and have yet to see the actual race.  This year we did go to the parade for the first (and last) time.  It was ok, just really really hot sitting on metal bleachers in the sun.  I did get this close to Mrs. Brady (aka Florence Henderson).  There were several other celebrities, but none as exciting as her!!

And lastly we survived 5th grade.  Barely.  The boys love to dab as you can see in this picture.  They are so thankful it's summer.  They've already been staying up way too late (thanks to the NBA playoffs) and trying to get away with anything they (or the neighbors) can think of.  August 1st will be here before we know it.  Because as we all know, the days go slow, but the years go fast!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Indy Mini Marathon Update

So the Indy Mini is over, and I am so glad!  Let's just say every year I go to bed the night before the race and say a quiet prayer.  It involves rain and lightning and the race being cancelled.  And again this year I woke up to clear skies, a slight breeze, and the forecast showing sun until the race would be over.  So once again I drug myself out of bed and met the girls I ride with every year and found myself in Corral X waiting and waiting with the huge mass of people.  The view is always a good one, and I love what they did to the side of the JW Marriott.  May is definitely all about Indy Car Racing in Indiana!!

So this year I actually started training in January (unlike any other year), and I was looking forward to seeing how it would pay off in the end.  I was able to do 6 solid miles at a 12 min/mile pace on the treadmill.  The one thing I did not do was run outside at all.  This had me a little nervous because I wasn't sure I would be able to pace myself at this speed.  I quickly found a lady who was going the pace I felt like was 12 minute miles and decided just to follow her.  It worked out great....until she started walking at mile 3!  So I decided to see how far I could go without stopping to walk.  And guess what?  The training paid off big time!  I was able to complete the whole 13.1 miles without stopping to walk (unless I was forced to by the people in front of me, or if I got stuck in a water pit stop).  Here you can see I kept my 12 minute mile pace roughly close.  When I saw my pace or the whole race, I was thrilled.  And to finish under 3 hours was the icing on the cake (more on that later)!

The medal they handed out this year was my favorite so far.  With the 40th running of this particular race, I think the design is perfect.  As a lady in her 40s, I appreciate it a little more!

My employer gave out free Fitbit zips this year, so I was able to see how many steps I actually took that day.  I'm pretty sure I won't see numbers like that again until next May.  Yes, I've already signed up for next year!  I couldn't resist the $10 discount they offer right after the race.  Now I need to work on my goal for next year!

This is my 4th Indy Mini, but only the 3rd under my own name (a friend gave me her entry the first year, so I was Jenny that time).  You can find your archived times on the Indy Mini Marathon website. And I absolutely love seeing the progress I've made!  Momma has gotten faster in her old age!!

I couldn't do a post without sharing this beauty.  Oh my word!!  Marathon Foto, I will not be ordering this or any pictures from you.  (This was the best one!)  I cannot decide if I am in pain, need to use the bathroom, or just plain crazy here.  I've offered 8x10s to my family, but so far no one has taken me up on the offer.

I talked about cake earlier, and this was part of what I ate Saturday evening after the race.  I was able to join my mom, sister, and niece for a Mother's Day celebration that evening.  I was glad to be able to walk and sit down without too much pain.  This banana cake with peanut butter icing from The Cake Bake Shoppe was delicious.  I ate it all without feeling one bit guilty!

Final thoughts about this year's mini marathon.
1.  I'm so glad I trained this year!  My longest training run was 6 miles which felt like forever on the treadmill.  For next year, I think a longer training run will be in order.
2.  I bought a FlipBelt at the packet pick-up/vendor expo and was very glad I did.  In the past I have dropped my phone at least twice during the race.  I did not have to worry about it at all the entire time.  And I didn't have to switch hands or worry about getting drinks at the pit stops with a phone in one hand.
3. I used wireless headphones which I highly recommend.  One less thing to worry about!
4. I want to continue to do a run at least once a week.  I'm thinking 3.1 miles sounds good now, and it will feel like a breeze compared to 13.1!
5. May 6, 2017 will be here before I know it!  Time flies.