Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It all started with a few gallons of paint

So about a month ago, I decided I wanted to paint my bedroom. Home Depot was having a paint sale, so I picked out a great color, Sweet Georgia Brown. I wanted to do a chocolate brown and blue bedroom. My bedroom has mauve faux paint. It's really not pretty. My husband liked the paint color and decided we should paint downstairs first, because no one really ever sees our bedroom. He also decided to install a wood laminate floor (he's handy like that!). Our carpet was very nasty after the weeks of potty training. So we finally got that project done.

This week, my parents took Noah and Megan to Colorado with them. I wanted to do a room makeover as a surprise for Noah. So we have painted, trimmed, and put in a new closet organization system. We are almost done...they get home Saturday. I told my husband we have to take a break from all these projects. He is wore out! He deserves a break!! So my bedroom will have to wait.

During all this construction, I found these books. I am hooked! My mom told me about these book a while ago, and when I found them at the library I was so excited. I can't stop reading.


Monica said...

Wow, you've been busy! Pictures:)?

You just need to take a break and sit yourself down with a good book:)

gay pangburn said...

Denise, way to go girl!! i'm excited to see Noah's room. talk about stock piling-you will want to, after reading the "Light" series. I couldn't but them down either. Love Mom