Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Times

I obviously don't feed my children enough. When they get really hungry, I tell them to just go lick the table. And they do.

When dad gets home everyone wants a ride on the motorcycle. Trust me when I say he drives very slowly like this. I'm sure this could be on a poster of "what not to do with your children"!

Tonight is the big semi-annual kids clothing sale that I drag my husband to. We go with some neighbors and work setting up, then get to pre-shop before the sale on Saturday. We always find good cheap stuff and end up having lots of fun!


Annabelle said...

Sounds like fun!! Enjoy shopping tonight!

Beth said...

Oh my gosh..why on earth are the boys licking the table? rofl..too cute! ☺

Dean Nester said...

What a great photo. You should make one of those Photo calendars for yours and Steve's parents for Christmas. That photo would be great in it.

great blog sista.