Wednesday, March 4, 2009

100th post! How exciting is this?!?

Here are 100 things about me in honor of my hundredth post which only took me two years to get to!

1. I am the middle child. I often use that to explain things!
2. I don't like my middle name. (sorry mom!)
3. My older sister liked to sell me knick-knacks from her room. And I would buy them!
4. I always had the neatest room in our house.
5. I used to play piano and the clarinet. Haven't touched either in decades!
6. I went to a very very small high school. I had 25 people in my senior class!
7. I love being the tallest girl in the room!
8. I am a mom three ways (marriage, birth, and adoption).
9. My first major in college was physical therapy. I changed to nursing my 1st semester.
10. I graduated from Indiana University in 1996. I was the only sibling to graduate on time!
11. I was the third generation nurse to graduate from IU.
12. I have one living grandparent.
13. I regret not going to my best friend's wedding.
14. I don't know what I would do without my mom!
15. I love Park Chapel Christian Church.
16. Somedays I wonder how my family puts up with me.
17. I LOVE to read.
18. I want to go back to Hawaii with my husband some day.
19. My nieces and nephews call me "Aunt D". I love that name.
20. I love working in surgery.
21. I met my husband at the Putnamville Correctional Facility in 1996.
22. My husband can fix anything.
23. I have lived in two states, Indiana and Colorado. Colorado is still utopia to me.
24. I have always loved red hair. Maybe one day I will have red hair.
25. I still miss Bloomington. This summer we are taking a road trip there!
26. I am thankful for my daughter Megan. Without her I would be with all boys all the time!
27. I don’t like to go camping, but I go, because my boys love it!
28. I eat hummus by the spoonful.
29. I wish there was a Trader Joe’s, Target, and Meijer in my town.
30. I am a bit addicted to facebook.
31. My husband calls facebook “The Devil’s Playground”.
32. I have lots of friends, but not a best friend, per se.
33. My weight is like the wheels on the bus. It goes up and down.
34. I used to love scrapbooking, but with 4 kids it’s impossible to keep up to date.
35. In 2005, we went from a family of three to a family of six in one month!
36. My husband works at our church. Most people who knew him years ago think this is ironic!
37. I have one tattoo.
38. I keep a list of all the books I have read.
39. My earliest childhood memory is me laying in the yard on a hot day on a blue towel totally naked.
40. I hate to take naps. They make me very grouchy!
41. Going to the tanning bed in February is one of my guilty pleasures.
42. My husband’s nickname for me is “Gert”, short for Getrude.
43. Diet Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice. Water is second.
44. I have to have flavored cream and sweetner (Splenda preferably) for my coffee.
45. I am not a lucky person, but people who go places with me usually win something.
46. Dark chocolate is the best!
47. Two of my kids have blue eyes; the other two have brown eyes; my husband and I have green eyes.
48. I have lived in 4 houses since I got married.
49. My favorite car I owned was a 1996 2 door Honda Accord. I named it Oliver.
50. I love to eat salads when I go out to eat.
51. There is a restaurant in Pueblo, Colorado named Souper Salad. It is the bomb!
52. When I get excited, I talk in a really high squeaky pitch.
53. I use my hands (a lot) when I talk.
54. I can get along with almost anyone.
55. I once had a candle collection. I would light all of the candles at one time. My sister thought that was very weird.
56. I love Sharpie markers. At last count, I had over 50 of them.
57. I wanted a child with red hair really bad. I did not get one.
58. I prefer gas station coffee over Starbucks, and it’s cheaper too.
59. I really want a new couch, but I have to wait until the twins are a little older.
60. I hate wearing pantyhose.
61. I drive a minivan with a DVD player. Two things I said I would never have!
62. I am learning how to take care of honeybees.
63. One day I want to teach aerobics classes.
64. Walmart is minutes from my house. I go there several times a week.
65. My parents still live in the house they moved into on August 5th, 1977 (my fourth birthday).
66. I love riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle. (unless the seat back falls off. which has happened)
67. I can spend hours just looking at a bookstore.
68. I just got a cell phone in 2008.
69. My tonsils need to come out very badly.
70. One of my thumbs looks like a big toe. My sister called it Super Thumb when I was little.
71. I pay very close attention to people’s feet.
72. I think my feet are pretty.
73. My sister called my toes Snausages when we were growing up.
74. I have never had artificial nails.
75. My aunt sold me her Hoosier cabinet, and I got it refinished. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house.
76. Most of my windows don’t have curtains just blinds.
77. I compare myself to others way too much.
78. I collect quotes from books.
79. I have a list of authors whose books are “must reads”!
80. None of my silverware matches.
81. IKEA is my new favorite store, just don’t go there on a Saturday afternoon!
82. My kids LOVE Great Wolf Lodge. They ask daily when we are going back.
83. My grandparents owned a funeral home.
84. I have been on two cruises. One in the 3rd grade and one in the 11th grade.
85. My husband has never been on a cruise.
86. Our next big anniversary trip will hopefully be an Alaskan cruise.
87. My sister and I both married husbands who already had children.
88. I have been on mission trips to Mexico three times. I love Mexico!
89. I can sing every word to the VeggieTales theme song.
90. I want to learn how to knit someday.
91. Vera Bradley purses make me happy.
92. Although I am tall (almost 6 foot), I’ve never played sports.
93. My favorite cereal is Cinnamom Toast Crunch.
94. I am a big reality TV fan. I wanted to be on the Real World back in the day.
95. Sometimes (like last night) The Biggest Loser makes me cry.
96. I have a sign in my kitchen that says “I kiss better than I cook”.
97. My handwriting is very neat and legible.
98. Anything with peanut butter and chocolate is a big hit with me!
99. I’m a saver married to a spender. We try to find the perfect balance.
100. If you read this whole list, you must really love me ☺


Susan said...

apparently i really love you :)
I've been working on a 100 things about me post...I'm inspired to finish it. This was interesting....laying naked on a blue blanket???? hmmmmm.......

Lisa said...

I love you too! I didn't know we had so much in common...middle child, almost 6 ft never played sports, etc... Thanks for sharing maybe I will also post 100 things.