Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Book Review

Several months ago I found this blog by The Preacher's Wife. It is a great blog for ministry wives. They extended an offer of a free book to any ministry wife willing to write about their book. So of course I signed up. I love to read, and reading free books is even better! So a couple weeks ago the book came in the mail, and it took me just a few days to read. It is a great book with an even greater message. The premise is about four PWs (pastors' wives) who secretly meet to discuss life and support each other. Each wife comes with her own set of problems (like us all!), and I love the way they work through each struggle with God's help.

I will leave you with my favorite quote...

"God had been so good to her. He had heard her cries for help and grace. He had answered her pleas for mercy and for her family. He had shown up and had proved faithful again. Even when she hadn't deserved it."

This is what I pray God does in my life on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis!

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