Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Addicted to Black Spray Paint

My almost 9 year old son asked me this weekend why I'm addicted to black spray paint. In my defense, we (meaning my awesome husband) did just remodel our kitchen/dining room. And I am totally using what I already had. So I am saving money....a can of spray paint vs. new light fixture and decorations. Here's what we (again, meaning my awesome husband) has painted so far!
This cute pot used to be a stucco green and white. We bought it in Mexico on a mission trip circa 1999! It came in a set of three, but this is the only remaining pot. After painting it, I found the cool flowers at the Walmart.

This light fixture was in the house when we moved here in 2005. It used to be silver; I like it much better black.

Back in the day, my mom had the big silverware on her wall. I found a set in a catalog a few years ago. They used to be gold. Yes, I hung giant gold silverware on my wall. A friend of ours would take it down every time he came to our house and yell, "Who's hungry?


Susan said...

looks great! i will spray paint ANYTHING!!! and who knew your Mom was so ahead of the times when she (and you) hung those gigantic spoons on your wall? Those cost a pretty penny at pottery barn now days! i'm going to hang a giant pair of scissors in my craft room!

jenthorpe said...

Thanks for the great idea. I'm going to black spray some gold curtain rods in my kitchen. I love the big utensils:)