Saturday, July 31, 2010

Because I never want to forget

I was cleaning out all the papers, projects, and things from last school year when I found my Mother's Day gift from Noah. It was awesome. Just so you know, grammar and spelling have not been fixed. (I wrote my response in the parenthesis).

ABC Mother’s day Book
By Noah Evanoff~3rd grade

You make good Apple pie (I have made one apple pie my entire life, I'm glad you remember)
Thank you for Buying a DSI (You are welcome!)
You make good no bake Cookies (They must be good…they disappear fast!)
You make Delious Pankaces (Thanks!)
Thank you for letting me Eat (I will let you eat every day for the rest of your life)
You let us keep Frogs (but they must stay outside)
You are Great (I’m glad you think so)
You make me very Happy (You make me happy too!)
I have fun with you (Me too!)
Jesus loves you (I am so thankful for that!)
You Keep loving me (no matter what, I will always love you!)
You Love tv (yes I do!)
You like Michael Evanoff (yes, I like your brother)
Thank you for naming me Noah (It was that or Emily….Noah was better)
Buy me a Octopus please (Let me think…..NO!)
You like Peanuts (salted in the shell)
You are the Queen of the house (Get to work….now!)
You do not like pickel Relish (yes I do!)
You make homemade Soap (even though relatives make fun of me)
You tell the Truth (I try to be truthful, but I have lied once or twice in my life)
U are asowme (what?)
You are married to a Vetran (I am proud of your daddy)
We love soda (yes, we do!)
You have never had a X-Ray (only of my teeth)
You made a carpet out of Yarn (I made a locker hook rug many years ago)
You are not a Zombie (no I am not, thankfully!)

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