Sunday, March 23, 2014


Reasons I love March...

1.  Spring

2.  March Madness

3.  St. Patrick's Day

4.  My oldest son's birthday

5.  Spring Break

Reasons I don't love this March...

1.  It may be Spring, but the temperatures are still saying it's Winter.  We are supposed to get some {MORE!!!} snow tomorrow night.  It's cold here!  I am so ready for warmer weather.

2.  I love watching basketball!  This year everyone in our family filled out their own brackets, just for a little friendly competition.  I said there would be a prize, but I haven't even figured out what the prize is yet.  So far, I am in last place.  Boo!

3.  Every year I check out and read a book from the library called The Life of St. Patrick.  A friend of mine told me about it a few years ago, and I have read it once a year since then. This year I went to check it our from the library and it has been taken out of circulation.  Big bummer.  I just need to buy it from Amazon so I can have it to read next St. Patricks Day.

4.  My oldest son will turn 13 on March 30, making me the mom of a teenager.  He turns 13 this year, and I turn 40 this year {in August}...yikes!  I keep telling myself age is  just a number.

5.  I usually get excited about Spring Break, but this year I could not get off work, so my husband took all 3 boys on a road trip to Colorado.  So I have been alone since Friday.  I have gotten several adorable pictures of them, and it looks like they are having a blast.  I'm pretty sure I will run out of things to do around the house eventually!!

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