Thursday, May 8, 2014



When my boys get off the bus today, they will only have FOURTEEN more days of school.  Wow has this year gone fast.  Faster than any year before.  One of my uncles tried to explain a theory he has about why time goes faster the older you get.  I nodded and smiled appropriately, but don't remember a thing he said.  Although I do agree with his bottom line, the older you get the faster time goes.


I have cleaned up SEVEN puppy pee puddles.  For some reason the puppy only pees in the house when I am on duty.  We have Zac for seven days now, and I'm pretty sure we are all smitten by his puppy cuteness.  I forgot how hyper puppies can be, but he has adjusted very well in his new home


SIX more jr. high track meets.  I still have no idea what's going on at a track meet.  I just watch for the tall blond kid and hope I don't miss the event he is in that night.  He has tried a little bit of everything...hurdles, long jump, sprints, and relays.  He has learned he is not a distance runner.  More than two laps around the track is too much for him!


It feels like I have spent $979.00 on all the camps, summer activities, and fun things my kids want to do this summer.  Basketball camp, church camp, trips to Kings Island, and the list goes on.... It's like having another bill to pay every week!  But it is definitely worth it to keep my 3 boys busy.  Which hopefully means less time in front of the XBOX, less time fighting, and less times I have to get mad and yell!!


I lasted exactly ONE warm day without turning the air conditioner on.  After our brutally frigid winter I thought I would be able to stand a little hot weather.  But when I am inside running around the house I get hot and sweaty and grouchy!  So the A/C is officially turned on.  Let the electricity bill start rising!

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