Sunday, June 22, 2014

What I learned this week!

1.  I should have planted more sunflowers!  I thought I was being very generous with my row of sunflower seeds in May, but now that they are growing, I wish I had planted way more.  Oh well, there's always next year!

2.  It is way more fun at the public pool when my older son takes a friend.  The tall boy is my oldest son, and the two shorties on the end are the twins.  And the boy in the white shirt is my oldest son's best friend.  Two weeks ago we went to the pool, and they didn't even last 90 minutes without begging to go home.  This week we stayed for 3 hours!  So taking an extra person along is totally worth it.  I've often said when there is an even number of kids it tends to work out better for everyone.

3.  iPhone cords can catch on fire!  I'm pretty sure the puppy got a hold of this one, or my kids were just too rough on it.  When I plugged it into the car charger, it started smoking and got hot enough to burn my fingers.  It's never good when your nine year old yells, "something's smoking in this car!"  So now we are down one charger!

4.  My nine year olds know no fear!  This was at our county fair on Friday night.  They got to the very top and yelled out of the side of the ferris wheel car, "take out picture!"  Since we have gotten our puppy, I have realized that lots of kids and people are afraid of dogs or just don't like dogs.  And I really cannot think of one thing these boys are afraid of!  {definitely not heights!}

5.  If your shoes look like this, no one will steal them.  We had a friend of ours get his new under armour slides "taken" at the kid's basketball camp this week.  I am always telling my kids they need to take better care of their stuff, but I guess in this case, if your shoes look like this, no one will take them!  These shoes are less than a month old....he took them to church camp this week, then maybe when he gets back I'll buy him another pair.

6.  My oldest son and I are home alone for the week while the twins and my husband are at church camp.  We plan to shop and eat lots of chinese food, and I have to take him to basketball practice, games, and open gym all week!!  Fun times!

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