Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tackle Football

My youngest and smallest son decided he wanted to play tackle football this fall.  I was less than thrilled.  He weighs next to nothing and his arms and legs are so skinny!  He is playing in the 3rd/4th grade tackle league, and has never played organized football before.  He is playing with kids that have been playing for 4-5 years already.  We have had several practices and one game so far.  I hope this season goes very quickly.

Last night at practice, it was very cold and rainy.  I was wearing a jacket {in August!} holding an umbrella at a picnic table reading a book.  I'm sure I looked like the biggest book nerd ever.  And I forgot to bring water or gatorade for my kiddo to drink during his two hour practice.  Of course, I didn't forget my diet coke.  So every break, Devin would run over to me, hold the umbrella while I unsnapped his chin strap {it's harder than it looks}, then guzzle some diet coke.  Mom of the Year Award for me.

After practice he kept saying his right knee hurt, but he wasn't really sure why.  When I woke him up this morning he said it hurt really bad.  So what does a nurse mom do?  Give him some motrin, wrap it up in an ace wrap, and send him out to the bus stop!  2nd Mom of the Year Award for me!  I did tell him if was still very painful after school, we would go to the doctor (they get home at 2:45, so we would have had plenty of time to get an appointment).  After school, he said he felt fine.  We took the wrap off, and he's outside riding bikes with his twin brother. So hopefully that's the worst of our football injuries this season.  But I'm not holding my breath!!!

My son is #2!  Go Buckeyes!!

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