Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Happenings

School Lunch Accounts....Got a text yesterday from oldest son saying he had 20 cents in his account.  Checked online to verify and also saw middle son's account was in the negative.  Options:
1.  Do nothing.  Let them eat cheese sandwiches.
2.  Drive to both schools to put money in their accounts.
3.  Deposit money online into their accounts and pay a processing fee {which I think is crazy!!}...something I said I would NEVER do.
Guess what I did?!?  Option #3....yes I paid even more for their crazy expensive school lunches.  Guess I'll have to keep closer tabs on their account balances.

Basketball....All three boys are playing basketball right now.  The twins are on the same team {this makes it so much easier for me}, and they are hilarious to watch.  Strangers come up to us after the game and ask if they are twins.....they definitely have their own thing going out there on the court. They are getting a little better at passing the ball and not just to each other.  But if it were up to them, they would play 2-on-5 all season long!  My oldest made the 8th grade school basketball team and has been practicing for a few weeks now.  He cannot wait for their first game!

Random....It seems like everyone I know is selling something these days.  And I keep thinking I need to start making something/selling a product/doing more/earning more money.... But I am really trying to just be content right where I am with what I have.  I am a busy mom of three active boys, and I work 24 hours a week {sometimes more, sometimes less}.  Right now I don't know where I would find more time to do more!  Contentment.  Why you gotta be so hard?!?

Walmart.....I went to the Walmart today and left with a buggy full of drinks.  What's for dinner? Gatorade, vitamin water, and rock stars!

World Adoption Day.....Just found out about this on the actual day (November 9, 2014) from some people I follow on Instagram.  Of course I had to post a picture of my two favorite twin boys!  I am so lucky to be their mom.

Cold's here!  Do you see the little snow flurries falling?  We are now using our wood burning stove.  Which means there is wood mess everywhere, and I have to remember to keep the fire going all day.

P.S.  This crazy dog really fell asleep in this position.  For privacy sake, I added the blanket!

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