Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WHOLE30 Update on Day 28

So I am now on day 28 of my first go round with the Whole30 journey.  Let's just say it has been interesting.  I have survived.  And I am very confident I will make it the whole 30 days.  The 2 girls I work with have stayed strong also!  We survived a big pitch-in and birthday cake day (2 layer chocolate cake with fudge filling and chocolate icing!!) at work.  Also there was an Italian meal catered in this week, but I was not working that day, so I was not tempted.  My plan is to take one day off and have a few things that I have really been missing (more on this later), then do another 30 days.

It is amazing how much I am NOT craving junk food.  I remember reading in the Whole30 book (which I highly recommend) about eating one oreo (which has zero nutritional value whatsoever), then how your body tells you to eat another and another thinking somewhere there will be nutrition and you will feel full.  But junk food does not do this.  You just want more and more and more.  Reading this and then actually feeling this are two totally different things.  This coming from a girl who loved junk!!

What foods have I missed the most?  In no particular order: hummus, cheese, yogurt, cereal (dry or with go to if I'm bored, tired, starving, angry,etc..), & diet dr. pepper.  I made this list at work one day and was amazed that the list did not contain junk (oreos, chips, fiber bars which I ate like candy, chocolate, etc...)  There was one day after eating out at Buffalo Wild Wings that ice cream sounded really really good.  I said it out loud and everyone was gung ho about getting ice cream, but reality hit and the thought left my mind fairly quickly.

What foods helped me the most?  Larabars and cashews.  I feel like I'm packing a diaper bag all over again every time I leave the house.  I make sure I have a small container of nuts, a Larabar, at least one bottle of water, and a small baggie of grapes, apples, and/or carrots.  

What is the first food I'm going to eat on day 31?  I really think I'm going to have yogurt.  I love yogurt and probably have missed it the most.  I bought a blueberry greek yogurt cup's waiting in the fridg for me.  People have said things taste different after doing Whole30 (especially any soda products), but I hope yogurt will still taste as yummy to me.

I definitely fell better all around than I have in a long time.  My clothes are getting loser.  My jeans are fitting better.  When I started this, only 1 out of 4 pair of jeans fit me.  I'm now 2 (almost 3) out of 4.  My teenage son told me to turn sideways the other night.  Then told me, "I'm not trying to be mean, but you've lost a roll." (meaning a fat roll)  I gave him a big hug and told him he's now my favorite child.  Just kidding, but seriously when a teenage boy notices something like that, I cannot help but feel good about myself.

January and Whole30 have been good to me so far.  Here's to the next month and fitting into all four pairs of jeans.  Cheers!

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