Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Running....

For the last 3 years, I have walked the Indy Mini Marathon.  I've not trained at all, go walk 13.1 miles, then moan, groan, and hobble around for several days afterwards.  Then about day 3 after the walking, I say out loud, "I'm never doing that again".  Then on day 7 or 8 after the marathon, they always send an email that includes $10 off next year's race if you sign up now.  And guess what I do?!?  Of course I sign up.  Because by this time I'm {mostly} walking like a normal human being.

This year in January I decided 2016 was going to be different.  I was actually going to train for this year's mini marathon.  I had grand ideas of starting slowly (around 3-3.5 miles), then gradually adding a mile or so each week.  Which was all good until I got to mile 6.  It seems I can't get past mile 6 (which isn't even half of the race).  I have been doing all my training on the treadmills at the gym because of our Midwest winter that will not go away.  And going one more second past mile 6 has me wanting to cry!  I've kind of looked at training plans and I should be up to about 10 miles if I want to really do the whole mini without walking.  So we shall see..... I have 3 more Saturdays {when I do my longer runs} until the actual race.  Maybe I can get past 6 miles.  Maybe not.  Either way I hope and pray that I don't hobble around like an old lady the week afterwards.  And I'm pretty sure this will be my last Indy Mini {until I get the $10 off next year email....}!

*I am not a real runner by any means.  When I say run, it's more of a slow jog/trot.*
*My pace is about a 12 minute mile.  Like I said I am not a real runner.*

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