Sunday, June 12, 2016

May Photo Dump

I know it's already June, and I'm totally behind the times.  But it's my blog, and I'll do what I want to.  The first 2 pictures are my Mother's Day surprises from my kids.  Megan, Garret, and Harley had flowers delivered to me at work the Friday before; It was so nice to be surprised by beautiful flowers from my Colorado peeps.  The second picture is my new Yeti mug {which I LOVE!!}.  The camo thermos was what Steve wrapped up to give me first...he printed off the YETI words and taped it to the thermos.  Then told me he just saved us 40 bucks.....He's so funny.  Then he gave me the real YETI cup which I have taken to and from work every day since then.  It's awesome!

We celebrate Health Care Team Week at my work every year, and this year's theme was FIESTA!!  We had so much fun every day with different activities.  The OR was in charge of the salsa/guacamole contest that week.  You can tell by the picture what great participation we had.  And yours truly came in second with a tasty pineapple salsa I made.  Sadly there was no second place prize.

One evening I stopped at my sister's house to use her Cricut machine to make a big "D" to put on my YETI cup.  Since they are becoming more popular, I don't want anyone to accidentally drink out of my cup!  That would be bad!

And what's May without finishing up the school year with a wonderful fifth grade history project.  Both of my 5th graders needed to get a good grade on this project, so I put dad in charge of making Conestoga Wagons (with the boys help, or course!).  We made two of the exact same thing, then each boy had to have a presentation typed out to present to the class.  Both of their presentations were similar, with just a few personal tweaks.  It's funny that there was a 10% difference in their project grades!  Although their presentations might have been what caused that.  Who knows!?!   But the final Conestoga Wagons turned out great!  I told my husband he could sell the pattern to 4th grade parents for next year.

 May is race month in Indiana, and I've never been to the Indianapolis 500.  I've lived here 36 out of my 41 years and have yet to see the actual race.  This year we did go to the parade for the first (and last) time.  It was ok, just really really hot sitting on metal bleachers in the sun.  I did get this close to Mrs. Brady (aka Florence Henderson).  There were several other celebrities, but none as exciting as her!!

And lastly we survived 5th grade.  Barely.  The boys love to dab as you can see in this picture.  They are so thankful it's summer.  They've already been staying up way too late (thanks to the NBA playoffs) and trying to get away with anything they (or the neighbors) can think of.  August 1st will be here before we know it.  Because as we all know, the days go slow, but the years go fast!!

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