Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year

So we went to the chinese buffet for dinner tonight to celebrate the Chinese New Year (not really). I had no idea it was the Chinese New Year! Noah just wanted to go get some clams. He and his friend at school are very into sea creatures. Apparently that is all they talk about! So they try to one up each other with sea creature stories. Noah came to the table with a piece of spicy octopus on his plate. (Along with squid, crawfish, and shrimp) He did taste everything, but did not finish most of it. But now he has some cool stories to tell tomorrow at lunch.

My fortune from my cookie said "Something nice is coming to you in the mail". I can't wait! Maybe it will be something like this. I cannot wait to watch this DVD! I so remember Growing Pains! It will be so much fun!

On the way home from our road trip we passed a Joe's Crabshack. Noah's comment was "Oh man, I should have picked Joes! I could have gotten some crabs". But then he would have missed out on that spicy octopus!


Anonymous said...

As a young teen I had such a crush on Kirk Cameron!! lol

Did you try any of the spicy octopus? I don't know if I could have done that :::::shudders:::::

emily said...

It is! It is! My husband mailed yesterday! Sorry its taken so crazy long. I've got a kid with strep...I hope you love the DVD!!!