Thursday, February 14, 2008

Because I'll pretty much do anything for a prize!!

I found about this contest and had to participate!! I went to a very small private high school so there are no prom pictures (we didn't have prom!) So this is the best I could do.

First is a lovely picture of me in 1990. Notice the side pony tail and the lovely sunglasses. On my shoulder is a lovely Liz Claiborne purse!!

This next picture proves why none of the 8 guys in my senior class wanted to date me! I wore tight fruit leggings!! What was I thinking?!? Notice the black socks (my husband's friend swears they are ankle weights!) and the white canvas Keds!! I thought I was hot stuff!! I'm pretty sure the whole outfit came from the Limited!

My last picture was taken at my graduation. I was trying for the smoky eye look. And I would not allow my cap to lay flat on my head like we were instructed. I was such a rebel. But I had my preserve my hair. It was so beautiful! I had to tilt my head to keep my cap from falling off!!

That is the end! Thankfully! I hope you all have had a good laugh. Thankfully the fruit leggings are no longer!


Halfmoon Girl said...

The fruit legging outfit was absolutely fabulous! You look so happy in it too! Thanks for playing. Because I couldn't figure out ol' Mr Linky, I will post about the entries on tomorrow or Saturday before I draw the winner on Sunday.

My name is Michelle. said...

Those are GREAT! LOL Brings back some memories I'll tell ya...though mine are from the early 80's and not 90's.


Tina said...

Oh.... I remember the fruit pants!