Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Forgotten Posts of 2009

When I have a really good picture, I'll drag it to my desktop in hopes that I will remember to blog about it. Sometimes it happens, but more often it doesn't. So here is what you've missed this year.....

The best picture I have ever taken (in my humble opinion). It helps that the subject is so adorable!

Noah dancing to "Beat It". He was our Thanksgiving entertainment. I have to say he knew EVERY word. Now if he can only memorize his spelling words!

My 3 month long search for peep-toe shoes! It ended in a sassy gold pair that I found in Colorado for 13 bucks. They really are so cute!

The bears we saw in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. And the park ranger yelling "keep it moving" at us. Good thing Steve's quick with the camera!

And lastly Bike Night at Cheeseburger in Paradise with our motorcycle group. We are not a gang, just a group. But we have lots of fun!

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