Thursday, July 14, 2011

Carolina Critters

We spent last week in South Carolina at Surfside Beach. The Plantation Resort to be exact. We had a great time at the various bodies of water around us (pools, lazy river, beach, aquirium, and even the pond). My boys (who love anything to do with water) had a blast catching animals. *Please note: no animals were harmed by my children and all were returned to their natural habitat*

Whose afraid of a jellyfish? Not Moose! But the ladies on the beach were screaming when he came near.

Checking out the horseshoe crabs at the Ripley's Aquarium.

A little crab that the boys dug up.

And of course, we invited the ducks in for a visit. They didn't make it in the door.

The boys loved catching the turtles in the pond right out our back door (I think they spent more time doing this than anything else, seriously!). They each bought a sturdy net and with a package of bologna, some leftover chicken, and some trail mix they were able to catch (and release) many many turtles!

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