Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It all started with a pair of black shorts....

A few weeks ago while I was packing my oldest son for one of his many adventures (church camp, boy scout camp, vacation....really can't remember which one), he asked me to pack his new black shorts. (the shorts he's never worn) So I look for the black shorts in the 2 dresser drawers with shorts and cannot find them. I proceed to look through the rest of his 3 drawers, his closet, his brother's drawers (all 11 of them...drawers not brothers), my husband's underwear drawer, his sister's drawers (4 drawers, 1 sister), the pantry, every bag and backpack we own, behind the washer and dryer, our vehicles, and the barn. I. never. found. the. shorts.

Then my oldest son lost his retainers. Not the ones he's been wearing all summer, his old ones. I again look everywhere for them and never. find. the. retainers.

That same week my oldest son lost his dog (he ended up at the local animal shelter) and his bicycle (which we think was picked up on a hot night by someone walking by our house). It cost us $45 to get the dog back and $120 for a new bike.

While all this was going on, I decided to be funny and post this all on facebook. Now I really hardly ever do facebook status updates. I'm not one to tell my business to my facebook friends. But for some reason, I felt like venting and chose to complain about all the things we had lost.

And then the next week, my 6 year old fractured his femur, had emergency surgery, and is in a wheelchair for (at least) 4 weeks. Kind of makes a pair of black shorts, retainers, and a bicycle not all that important! So for the rest of the summer, I am not going to focus on the things we have lost and be more positive and grateful for what we do have!!

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