Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Happenings at our house

So a lot has been happening here at our house!  The boys have only 2 weeks and one day left of their school year.  I had a list a mile long last August that I wanted to accomplish while they were in school.  I really don't know what happened to the list, nor do I know how many things I actually accomplished.  The days can go so slow, but a school year flies by!  

Megan graduated from Ball State Teacher's College last Saturday.  So proud of her for graduating with great grades and in 4 years.  These days that is a great accomplishment!

We got ourselves a brand new driveway.  And they poured a cement slab out in the back yard for a basketball court (just a half court).  So hopefully this will keep the boys busy this summer.  Lots and lots of basketball!
 The other day I moved one small cabinet that's on wheels to sweep in the kitchen.  Look what I found.  Who knew I had such treasures hiding under my cabinet?!?
Tomorrow is our last MOMSnext meeting for this school year.  We are going to talk about what to do with kids all summer without going crazy.  I just so happened to stumble upon this great website called Everyday Truth that is talking about this idea all month.  She is talking about planning and being intentional with your kids this summer.  Not just letting them stay up really late hoping they will sleep in the next morning, so you can sleep in too...which is what I did a lot last summer.  So here's to a great memory making summer with my kiddos!

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Chelsa said...

i'm from indiana (southern) too :) and have a 7 yr old boy as well!