Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quick Update

So my youngest son ended up having exploratory surgery late Monday night.  They were able to do it all laparoscopically which was a huge praise!  So they ended up taking down the adhesions from his previous surgeries (which were 7 years ago) and repairing a small area by his colon.  The surgeon was very pleased with everything.  And poor little Devin had to have an NG tube attached to suction for 2 days.

On Wednesday evening they were able to remove the tube and let him start having clear liquids to drink.  It had been 8 days since he has eaten any real food and 4 days since he had swallowed a drink.  This morning they are letting him try real food.  If he able to keep everything he takes down, passes gas, and eventually poops, then he is good to go!

So we are just waiting waiting waiting for poop!

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