Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I have been doing!

School started August 1st for us this year.  Our school district went to the "Balanced Calendar" this year.  Which basically means we are in school for nine weeks, then out of school for two weeks, until the summer which will be eight or nine weeks.  So we are really looking forward to two week breaks in October, December/January, and March.

I had a list a mile long of things to do on August 1st, however my youngest son was sick.  We thought he just had the flu, but it lingered for days.  He said the entire time his whole belly hurt.  He threw up.  A lot!  He didn't want to eat or drink or do anything.  So finally being the good mom and nurse that I am, we went to the walk-in clinic at our family physician on Saturday (by this time he had missed the first 3 days of school).  A few hours later we ended up in the Emergency Room at our local hospital.  And then a few hours later we ended up the Riley Hospital Emergency Room.  So now I know the signs of a small bowel obstruction in the pediatric population.  Vomiting longer than 48 hours, no fever,  no appetite, decreased energy, and belly pain.  All of which my son had when we thought it was just the flu.  The fact that he had several abdominal surgeries shortly after birth adds to his chances of getting adhesions which can sometimes be the cause of the bowel obstruction.

So needless to say, after two days in the hospital, the surgeons decided it was time to do surgery. Thankfully he was able to have laparoscopic surgery to take down the adhesions.  So Monday night he had his surgery and he was able to come home on Thursday, after he passed gas and some form of stool.  He even went to school on Friday!!  You know when your 2nd grade boy is begging to go to school, he is over the whole thing.

So the start to our school year has been just a little crazy.  Now I can think about all the things I want to get done.  All the legos I want to organize.  All the books I want to read.  All the stores I want to go to by myself.  Because now that summer is over, my productivity goes way up!!

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