Monday, April 29, 2013

April has Flown by!!

I cannot believe it is almost May!  Here is my life in pictures the last month.  I was telling my husband April is our new December.  We celebrated lots of birthdays this month!

I was cleaning out the car the other day and could not believe how much Colorado dirt my van brought home.  Megan lives down a very long windy dirt road, so I am sure this was the source.  I don't want to clean it off...such good memories of our Spring Break trip!

Noah turned 12 years old on March 30th, and we had his birthday party sometime this month.  I always feel bad for him because his birthday always falls on Spring Break.  This year it was Spring Break and the day before Easter!  He chose to take some friends to skyzone (am indoor trampoline place) and had a blast!!

When we got home from skyzone, they immediately all got on our backyard trampoline and went crazy.  This was the best picture I got of them.  They really are a great group of kids!

We also got some chickens this month.  We meaning my husband and some friends of ours. The chickens are not at our house (we live in the city limits)!  Some friends have a little farmhouse complete with a chicken coop.  So we are hoping to share some farm fresh eggs with them.  They also planted a big garden which I went and weeded this weekend!

 We also celebrated two boys turning 8 on April 22nd.  I love that my twins are eight now.  They just seem so grown up all of a sudden.  They both requested peanut butter frosting for their cakes.  Moose had a white cake and Devin had a chocolate one.  They were both very yummy!

One little boy would not hold still for me to take a picture.  He kept ducking under the table.

And one little boy would hold still, but not look at the camera!  Oh well, I tried!

Their friends had to take a group photo on the trampoline also.  I love the muscles! 

Lastly I discovered this new Cinnamon Roll Crunch cereal at Kroger this week.  I am going back to get every box they have left.  My kids love peanut butter crunch and cinnamon toast crunch, and this cereal is the perfect combination of the two!  Delicious!

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