Thursday, October 24, 2013


It is so cold right now.  I finally broke down and turned on the heat this week.  I will not let my husband bring our wood burning stove into the house until November 1st.  After that it's five months of tending the fire.  We have been burning a wood stove for a few years now.  It does save us money in the winter, but it is a lot of work and very very messy!

We are having a Flavors of Fall pitch-in at work next week, and a co-worker found this on sally's baking addiction.  I totally agree...this could be why my jeans are bit tight  :)!!  And having pitch-ins at work doesn't really help either!

Speaking of pumpkin, I had to try these pumpkin pie bars after spotting them at Kroger.  The Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif bar is already gone.  It was delicious!  I'll try the Larabar tomorrow and let you know which one is better.  I will have to stock up on these seasonal flavors because they won't last long!

Today I went to Starbucks and left with two drinks {accidentally}.  I took the guy standing next  to me's drink.  I could have sworn the barista mumbled what I ordered, but I was wrong!  So after taking a quick swig, I realized I picked up his drink.  So she had to make him another one, and graciously made me what I ordered.  I couldn't give the wrong one back because my lips had already touched it.  Luckily, the guy was very kind and no one yelled at me.  Just a lesson that I need to listen better and pay more attention!

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