Thursday, October 31, 2013

Basketball and Halloween!

Basketball season has begun in our house.  I have one boy who made the 7th grade team (Hollar!), and two 3rd grade boys in the recreational league in our town.  I was so proud of Noah for making the team.  They kept twelve players ou of thirty-two that tried out.  So he was thrilled to make the cut.  Practice started this week for everyone, so of course we had to get new basketball shoes {$$$}.  The black shoes now have pink of the twin's request.  Games start this weekend.  So no more sleeping late for me!

I decided I had to include pictures from past Halloweens.  This picture is the from  2001.  Noah was seven months old.  We took him to Sears every 3 months for the first year to get pictures..yes we WERE those parents.  What a cutie!!

And this is the twin's first Halloween.  They were almost 6 months here.  I miss my little boys!    They were so adorable and innocent.  The years sure have flown by.

My son bought himself a new pair of shoes {Lebron James something..} this weekend.  He wore them to school one wet morning this week and wrapped his feet in Walmart bags.  He seriously rode the bus and walked into school like this.  He reminded me of the little older ladies with their rain hats!  He cracks me up somedays. #savethelebrons is what he posted on his Instagram account.

And finally our town is postponing trick-or-treating until tomorrow night.  It is raining here today...I got soaked loading my car after a trip to Walmart.  And we are supposed to have very heavy winds all evening.  So we will have to wait one more day for our candy fest!  My boys cannot wait!!

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