Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I just finished reading See You in a Hundred Years by Logan Ward for the book club I am a part of.  We had our discussion last night.  Lots of fun!!  Then I picked up these two books from the library.  I love any book by Karen Kingsbury, and The House Girl was a recommendation from my sister.

My 12 year old learned to make quesadillas in his FACS (Family and Consumer Science) class.  He has made a quesadilla (or two or three) every day since then.  He is a bit obsessed with them, and that is fine with me.  One more step towards independence!

Funny story about this salsa.  My son sampled this in his FACS class, then asked me to buy it for him.  His only description was "pineapple salsa".  He couldn't tell me the brand or what the jar looked like.  I couldn't find it in the salsa aisle after looking at 2 stores.  So last night at parent-teacher conferences, I stopped in to ask his FACS teacher about the salsa.  She walked over to the fridg and handed me a brand new jar to bring home!  She was so excited he liked it, and he was so excited when I got home with it.  It is really good salsa!

I am really regretting all the Halloween candy I have been eating the past five days.  This was my pre-workout snack last night.  I know that is an oxymoron!  But I just cannot stop grabbing one or two pieces every time I pass by.

I saw a blog post about spray painting ugly old gold door knobs.  I decided I needed to do this.  Then I looked at the closet door {this is the door you see if you walk into our front door}, and realized it really needed painting.  So I painted the door yesterday.   Now I just need to remember to buy spray paint for the knobs, so I can put it all back together.  Then I want to move on to the next door.  There are three more downstairs that need it.  

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