Friday, July 10, 2015

I know It's Summer When...

There are 8 bikes in the yard.

I've yelled shut the door 27 times and it's only 11 AM.

We've used My teenage son has used 75% of our data plan and the month is only half over.

I broke down and bought paper plates and cups because I just cannot handle one. more. dirty. dish.

When it's time to pack for something I just do laundry then throw the clean clothes in a Walmart bag.

I have no idea when my kids showered last.

We've been swimming that day, so that definitely counts as a shower.

Brushing teeth is optional.

Having to be anywhere before 11:00 am is painful for everyone.

When I tell my boys "it's time to wake up! if you were at school, you'd be eating lunch right now!", their response, "why do you wake us up so early every day?!?!".

The Minecraft music will be the death of me.

I've memorized the YouTube videos they think are hilarious {"I'm legally blind", "What's 9 plus 10?"}.

We are out of toilet paper. Again!

Making two 10 year old boys read for 15 minutes is torture.  Just ask them!

I thought I would save money not paying for school lunches.  Boy was I wrong.

Three meals a day morphs into one meal a day and a ton of snacking.

You see the school supplies at the front of the Walmart and do the crazy, excited, let me bow down and kiss your feet dance!!

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gay pangburn said...

I'm still laughing!!! How hilarious Denise, but oh so true!! GG