Thursday, November 12, 2009


With all the boy talk lately, I decided I needed to infuse a little estrogen into my blog. So in no particular order are just a few of the many things I love about my favorite daughter! (I can call her my favorite because she's my only daughter :)
1. She is a great sister. With 3 brothers in Indiana and 2 in New York, she puts up with a lot.
2. She shares a bathroom with 3 boys who have very bad aim, and she rarely complains.
3. She cooks dinner for us one night a week. And it's usually better than what I make!
4. She is beautiful from the inside out!
5. She is cute, smart, and funny!
6. She will go get a blizzard with me whenever the need strikes.
7. She will stop at the store and get random things I need.
8. She makes the best salsa and dip ever.
9. She is a great scrapbooker. I am jealous of her skills.
10. She is going to make a great teacher, wife, and mother one day! Her little babies are going to be so cute!!

And I almost forgot...she gives great piggy back rides!!

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