Sunday, May 8, 2011

Being a Mom!

I am the mom to a 10 year old (how is that possible?!?) and two 6 year olds now! The boys only have 14 more days of school! I only have 14 more days of freedom! How does the school year go so fast? It feels like I just put the Christmas decorations back in the attic, and soon it will be summer! Here are some pictures of our birthday celebration with the family! My sister was so creative with her gifts for the boys. She loves making crafts, and next year when our kids are in school all day, we have grandiose plans to scrap and craft like crazy!!
The crazy cousins decided to smash cake in their faces. On GG's white carpet, of course!
Here is the best picture of the twins that I could get. They love being 6, and I cannot believe they are almost done with kindergarten!
We were able to borrow a small bounce house for the day. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy that day, but the weather did not deter the kids. They still had tons of fun nontheless!!

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