Sunday, May 22, 2011

The one in which my husband calls Kirk Cameron "Dude"!

I grew up watching Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains! I totally had a crush on Mike Seaver. I mean come on, what girl my age didn't? I had pictures of him from Teen Beat all over my bedroom walls. I dreamed of meeting him and him deciding I would be his girlfriend and we would live happily ever after! Okay, then I grew up and realized that would never happen.
Now Kirk Cameron is famous for a whole different reason. If you saw him in the movie Fireproof, you would know him as fireman Caleb Holt. Since then Kirk Cameron has become very passionate about saving marriages. We were able to join some friends of ours and go to Kirk's Love Worth Fighting For seminar. We were blessed by what he had to say, and I never thought I would get to actually to speak to him. We chose not to pay extra money for the meet & greet after he spoke.

So it's the end of the seminar, and my husband and I with our friends go out a back entrance. We parked in different locations, so our friends exit out a side door and head to the parking lot. My husband and I continue walking down the hallway (I'm a few steps behind him) and he starts talking to the guy in front of us (which if you know my husband, this is nothing new!). I am totally oblivious to what is going on and am reading the locker room signs. The guy asks him if he enjoyed the night. My husband tells him yes it was great and thanks. And then I realize he is talking to Kirk Cameron. And I start getting a little nervous. So at this point the conversation goes like this:

My husband: "Dude, could you do me a favor?"
Kirk Cameron: "sure, what?" (he is totally sincere)
My husband: "Could you say hello to my wife?"
Kirk Cameron: "sure". and he stops and says (to me!) "hello". And shakes my hand!! "Did you enjoy tonight?"
Me: I think I said something like "yes. thank you. we want you to come to Greenfield, Indiana"
Kirk Cameron: "Greenville, Indiana?"
My husband: "No Greenfield"
Then his publicity guy whisks him away into the crowd to go sign autographs for all the people who paid extra to meet him. Then I in my high pitched very excited voice scream, "how did that just happen?"!! So that is my Kirk Cameron story, and if he ever comes to Greenfield, Indiana, I will definitely pay extra so I can get a picture and autograph!!

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