Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Global Warming and February

It is February 1st in Indiana. It is 59 degrees right not. The skies are blue with big puffy clouds. The grass is still fairly green. One of my sons asked me if I was going to go sit in the sun and read. (it's not quite that warm!) Typically February in Indiana is bitter cold, dreary, and the grass is covered with old dirty snow. We have 28 more days in February, so I am sure we will get some bitter cold between now and then. But for now, I will enjoy these coat-free days!

My middle son filled this out at school last month, and I had to share what he wrote.
My wish is for a rille nise famlee. K

I hope my wish comes true, because I will feel rilee hapee.

If my wish came true, I would feel osum

What a sweet little first grader I have! I cannot believe I will have seven year old twins in April. I cannot believe the year is 1/12th over. I cannot believe school will be out in just 4 months. 2012 is flying by!

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