Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

This poor little guy had to miss his Valentine's party at school. He was up sick the whole night, but was determined he was going to make it to school. He didn't make it, although he felt fine the entire day. So he is back at school today to claim all the cards and candy from his classmates. For a kid who loves being around his friends, a day at home is pure torture!
For the nonsick kids, I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They were a big hit. I just used a can of refrigerated cinnamon rolls and reshaped them into hearts. Easy peasy!
This is the one Valentine's Day craft that I actually completed with the help of my children. We melted crayon stubs in silicone heart molds. I made enough for one son to take to his class. The others were not interested in passing them out. I thought they turned out way cute and especially love this orange and blue Broncos crayon!
Speaking of the Broncos, Tim Tebow is going to be reading his favorite childhood book today for the BOOK IT! program. I am definitely going to watch it with the boys when they get home from school.

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