Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back Yard Bird Nests

This Spring I joked with my husband that the recession was over, so I decided to buy bird seed again.  It's not like we won the lottery or made way more money this year than last.  But I did feel like we weren't struggling every month to pay our bills, pay for college tuition, pay for shoes when the boys feet grew, and still save a little bit of money.  With Megan graduating from Ball State in May, I felt a big sigh of relief knowing that she was able to graduate with no student loans and we did not have to go in debt to pay for it.

So that's when I decided I would start buying bird seed again.  Which turned into a new bird feeder and a hummingbird feeder also.  Shortly after I hung up the new bird feeder, I noticed bird nests popping up everywhere.  In a backyard with three rowdy boys and all their rowdy friends, I was impressed that so many birds decided to actually build their nests so close.

Aren't these little baby birds adorable!  They are just waiting to be fed by their momma.

 And one bird even made a nest in our wood pile.

All these nests reminded me of a children's book that I love called The Best Nest.  In this book Mr. & Mrs. Bird search for a new place to build a nest only to discover their old nest was actually the best all along.  A great lesson in contentment to read to the kids this summer!

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