Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cracked iPod Touch

Now that school is out, I get to do fun things like going to the bank and grocery shopping with 3 boys.  On the rare occasion that one of them has something to do, sometimes I get lucky and only have to take 2 boys.  Shopping with 2 boys is really not all that fun and I usually spend way more money than I would if I were shopping alone.  The grocery bill has gotten considerably higher the last three weeks, but at least I am not writing checks for school lunch every other week.  I have to look at the brighter side of things!

Last week, my middle son decided to bring his iPod touch with us to Aldi.  Our local Aldi is neat and clean and also pretty small.  There are a total of four aisles to go up and down and the shopping is done.  I go to my Aldi at least once a week, sometimes more.  So while my oldest son was at basketball camp, the two younger boys and I went shopping.  As we were finishing up the first aisle, my middle son who climbed in then out of the cart dropped his iPod on the tile floor.  He picked it up and kept going.  We get to the last aisle when he notices his screen is cracked badly!  He throws a fit, starts to tear up, blames his brother (who was no where near him when he dropped it), blames me, then decides it still works all in a matter of 30 seconds.  I did tell him we would have to put it up while he earns money to buy a new screen and have it replaced.  So far he is about halfway there.

So the moral of this story is don't drop your iPod on a tile floor.  It's not a good thing!

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