Monday, June 18, 2012

Something always happens!

"Just when Billy-Boy gets ahead...something like this happens"

Picture my best friend from college and I sitting in the back seat of the car with my dad driving.  He had just picked us up on the East side of Indy after the old car I was driving suddenly died.  As a girl with absolutely no car mechanical skills, my only choice was to pick up the pay phone, pay 25 cents, and call dad for help.  

I forget where we were even trying to go.  I just remember my dad not being very happy, and my friend and I trying not to bust out laughing while my dad was talking to himself.  My friend and I would repeat this quote over the course of our college years many times.  And laugh about it now that it was all over.  I don't remember what was wrong with the car or how much my dad had to pay to get it fixed.  I just knew it would cost him money he did not want to spend!

Fast forward many years later and I have had my fair share of these moments.  Last month in fact.  We had just paid our last tuition payment, given our lump sum of money for a wedding, and all but moved Megan out of the house when my husband had a motorcycle wreck on a round-about in our town.  A ride in the ambulance, Emergency Room visit, insurance companies (theirs and ours), deductibles, a totalled motorcycle, and a fractured clavicle all brought back the "just when I get ahead...something like this happens".  

And it is so true.  And it will probably be true for the rest of my life.  Just like my dad said.

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