Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Lose a Week

Last week, I was sick.  Not just sick, but SICK!  I started calling it the death illness.  I spent 6 days in my bed.  I had fevers, chills, body ache, no appetite, headaches, night sweats, and a bad cough!  I got up twice to go to the doctor's office.  You know your sick when the doctor walks into your examination room and says, "You must be really sick.  You never come to see me!"

So after a negative flu swab, four vials of blood, and a chest xray, they finally put me on Augmentin.  I think they were tired of my whining.  That or they were worried about me having a fever for 7 days.  Either way, I am finally starting to feel better.  I have lost 11 pounds and haven't worked out for 12 days.  I don't have that much energy yet.

I do have to say how thankful I am for my husband who did the laundry twice!  And he went to Walmart every day to get stuff we were out of or really needed.  What a great guy!  Here's hoping no one else in the family gets this illness.

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