Wednesday, May 8, 2013

24,279th Place!!

So I was able to finish the mini marathon, yes all 13.1 miles of it, on Saturday!  It took me 3 hours 5 minutes and 31 seconds.  I think it is about 17 minutes faster than the one I did in 2010.  My pace was 14 minutes 9 seconds per mile.  And I finished in 24,279th place. When I got home the first thing my two 8 year olds asked me was if I won the race?!? HaHa!!  They couldn't understand why I would enter a race I had no chance of winning.  

{I'm the tall one}
It was a beautiful day weather wise.  No rain, just a touch overcast, and temps in the 60's made it very tolerable.  I didn't stop to use the bathroom the entire time (which was amazing for me!), and I got to taste a Gu packet for the first time.  They had several different flavors to choose from, and I picked the Mocha flavor thinking it would taste like coffee.  It actually tasted like rich chocolate frosting with a hint of mocha flavor.  Walking around the 2.5 mile Indianapolis Motor Speedway was very cool!  I had never even been to the track, and I've lived in Indiana 33 of my 38 years.

I am seriously ready to sign up for next year's race.  Maybe I will continue to get faster (or maybe not!). 

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