Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last Day of School!!

It has been a rough week here at our house!  Today is the last day of school for my three boys.  On Friday night, our youngest son, Devin, had to have emergency surgery for (another!) bowel obstruction.  He started to get sick Wednesday night and progressively got worse over two days.  He never had a fever (which would have indicated a virus), so I started to get worried Friday evening when he was still getting sick and had lots of belly pain.

So Friday my husband took him to the Riley Emergency Room, and he was in surgery within a few hours.  Thankfully the other two boys had places to spend the night.  So I went up to Riley and waited until he was back in his room for the night.  I got home at 4 AM Saturday morning!  The surgeons were amazing (like all of our other experiences).  He did have to have an open laparotomy this time, which means a bigger scar and more pain.  He was a trooper.  That boy was up walking the halls Saturday afternoon, not even 24 hours after his surgery.

This is Devin after all his tubes were out.  He was much happier tube-free!
He came home yesterday and begged to go to school for his last day of 2nd grade.  His teacher is awesome and he really wanted to tell her goodbye!  So I drove him to school and will pick him up so he doesn't have to ride the bumpy bus route and risk being jabbed in the stomach by rowdy kids on their last bus ride home!

And at 2:20, the summer fun begins! Yippee!

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